Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dear Japan, Stop Teasing Us You Jerks

Look, Japan.  We get it.  You like the PSP.  And that's fine!  It's a great system and you're allowed to like it.  But the thing is, some of us who aren't in Japan also like it.  A lot of them, apparently, not in the right way, since they're the reason you stopped giving us games.  And I get it, I do.  Kind of.  Alright, I don't, and in all honesty, I kind of hate you guys for making PSP games that you never intend to give us, unless NIS, Atlus, XSeed, etc get involved to do it for you.

So when you do things like this, announcing a pretty righteous sounding, and beautiful remake of a game, we're going to get a little upset, since there's always going to be that language barrier present, y'know?  We don't hold Uncharted in front of you and snicker because it's ours, no, we share.  Remember sharing?

Okay, in all honesty, every time I see a new PSP card game announced on Siliconera, I sigh a little to myself because at this point, there's pretty much -zero- chance we'll see it in English.  I imagine Final Fantasy Type-0 could very well be the last PSP the West sees, unless there's another one out there that's been somewhat announced that I'm not thinking of.  So pretty much anything announced now will likely only be out after the Vita.  Which, well, might encourage developers to make PSN versions of previously un-localized games, but I'm not holding my breath too much for that.

So when I saw Over My Dead Body at Siliconera I, as I said above, sighed and checked the article as I am wont to do.  I suppose this could be seen as a little masochistic, but, eh, what can I say - I just like the PSP.  But I did something else when I read about the game and looked at it:  I actually mumbled to myself, "Oh, for fuck's sake", because this is a genuinely interesting, beautiful game that will likely never be shipped overseas.

The premise of the game is that you're not just playing one character, or a party of characters, but an entire family lineage of them.  Generations of characters.  You'll end up playing your first character's grandson and very well likely that character's grandson in an attempt to complete the ultimate goal of slaying this demon who has cursed this family.  Now, the article says that the curse is that every member of the family will only live for two years.  I'm going to try and word this out in a way that doesn't imply two-year olds have to have babies themselves to ensure you don't get a game over.

This could happen in one of two ways, though the first is not the one I'm betting on.  One could guess that the curse has just taken place, so every member of the family itself only has two more years.  However this doesn't seem to fit into the theme or background of the game itself, since it's an actual multi-generation system.  So the method I'm betting on is that every member of the family is only destined to live to a certain age, say somewhere between 15-18.  So in all actuality, they only have two years to live after reaching maturity and thus, the age in which they can actually fight.

I don't think the game, even on PSOne ever saw a release outside of Japan, so there's not exactly a dearth of information about the original that this new game is being made in the image of, so I could be wrong.  Maybe these people just sort of....uh....phase into existence as fully-grown adults but only for two years.  Who knows!  It's Japan, there's demons, it's a video game, so honestly, anything could go.  I guess we'll just have to see based on Japanese impressions of the game.  Unless it actually gets locali-ahahahahaha.


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  1. Shit. This actually sounds and looks pretty awesome.