Thursday, August 18, 2011

Not All Absurdity is Good Absurdity

I've made it fairly clear here at various points that I love absurdity.  I live and breathe it and love to see it in games, since that's one of the few forms of media that it's okay to have it in anymore.  (The others mostly consisting of Cartoons)  But, as with all things, there is a line, and absurdity is only good and all when it's done properly.  Now, I'm not saying what brought on this article is bad in the way it chooses to deliver, but it's certainly not on the level with something more recent that's caught my attention.  Just because there's being absurd to be funny and there's be weird.  A trailer I saw today for a newly announced Playstation Vita game, called "Frobisher Says", brought this to mind immediately.

Now, like I said, it's not bad, so much as it's out-there enough to be a little off-putting.  Admittedly, british humor has always been very hit and miss for me (and that's what this is, very clearly) so maybe I'm not exactly the best judge.  And while there are a few parts to it that are....approaching endearing, I'm not sure just what to think.  The article that brought the game to my attention said that it appears to be a sort of WarioWare-type game, but I myself have never touched a WarioWare title so I do not know of its ways.  It appears to be a mini-game collection, which I'm fairly.....well, they don't generally interest me.

But on the other hand, it is a Playstation Vita game, and depending on the number of minigames it has, I'm sure to find a few that I like, yeah?  I guess I'll just have to file this one under "Wait and see", since I'm nowhere near prepared to decide on it one way or another.  Besides, I'm sure my Vita will be plenty busy when I get it anyway.  I've been itching to play through Peace Walker again, but I'm deliberately holding off until the Vita to make use of the second stick.  (Since apparently it'll be one of those PSP games that will be able to use it or something)  Not to mention Uncharted:  Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush (If it's a launch-title), and whatever else I end up picking up.  Still waiting for a 'concrete' launch list, of course.

A list that will then be posted to this blog, since I am all about the goddamned Vita.

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