Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Binary Domain Trailer and Release Date

The above is the latest trailer from Sega (SegaEurope specifically) for Binary Domain and is, in fact, the first time I've thought about the game in at least a month, I believe.  However, this is not a bad thing, as I've explained before that my desire is to go into Binary Domain with as little foreknowledge as possible, since it's more or less a Yakuza game in the fuuuuuutuuuuureeee with robots and third person shooting.  So that is to say that it's like Yakuza:  Dead Souls but in the fuuuuuutuuuuureeee and with robots instead of zombies.  I'm sure, given Yakuza Studios personal way of doing things, that the game is going to be very story-focused, and that it might just go over-the-top some times which is totally not evidenced in the above trailer at all, no siree.

The trailer is rather slick and further reinforces my theory that Sega's Marketing department was never stagnating from disuse, but rather simply waiting for the right moment to rise to prominence.  Between the trailers for Yakuza 4 that I keep bringing up and this, you can't deny that they have a very real, very good style to them, and it's just amazing to me that you don't actually see this stuff outside of the internet.  Amazing in a bad way, of course, since they'd be able to turn quite a few people on to their games with just these trailers alone.  Perhaps one day they'll see that, but it's hard telling in the meantime unfortunately.  Also in the meantime, I get to play micro-analyzer with the very few elements shown off in possibly subtle ways.

First off, I have to say that it seems like there might be a Snatcher/Blade Runner (Since Snatcher was based -on- Blade Runner) theme with the way these robots are being handled.  As evidenced by the guy at the start, I would suggest that it seems he didn't know he was one of these -things- and learning as much has driven him crazy.  Crazy enough to rip off his own face.  This, of course, speaks to the game itself, and I imagine it's going to breed a sort of 'paranoia' factor since just about anyone, including the main character, could be one of these things in theory.  I don't know if they'll actually run with it, but it's one idea at least.  An idea that could be very very interesting if they really go for it.

Another thing I really want to emphasis is the actual solid voice-work from the trailer itself.  You'll notice that everything's properly synched to the English voices and the exact reason for that is simpler than you might think:  the game is coming out in Non-Japan first.  Despite looking like it does and being made by the definitely Japan-centric Yakuza Studios, the game is written/dubbed around English which is honestly a bit surprising to me.  That means that it could end well, or it could go rather poorly, but I'm fairly optimistic on things as they are currently.  My only issue is that the game comes out February 24th - two days following the release of the Vita which means I will be broke as hell and won't be able to pick this up.  Even though I want to.  So badly.  And even though Liam O'Brien is in it.  Even then.  Damnit, Sega.

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