Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Reality Fighters - Less Real, More Interesting

So, the above image is pretty easy to identify and yes, it is exactly what you think it is.  That is Mr. Miyagi, built for a video game, with a Reality Fighters logo in the bottom right that suggests said game is, in fact, the previously overlooked Reality Fighters for the Playstation Vita.  That is the announcement that was made regarding Reality Fighters in the Playstation Blog today and to be completely honest, this is the thing that made me take notice of the game.  I'm not saying I'll buy it or anything, but it got my attention, so I'll be keeping an eye out when stuff for it comes out.  If there's a demo, I will likely download it because of this.  And I don't even really know why beyond it being something that's so -out there- that I can't help but not take notice of it.

In all reality (no pun intended) I don't believe I've even watched The Karate Kid (to be fair, I don't watch a lot of movies), so it's not like I have an attachment to Mr. Miyagi, or specifically Pat Morita, beyond thinking he was just a cool dude.  I just guess there's something to be said for having the guts to want something like this and actually go through with it, given that there are certain...issues involved with it.  Seeing as Mr. Morita passed several years ago, the usage of his likeness might be thought of as something approaching tasteless even if said usage likely has to be with the permission of his family.  On top of that, in his role of guide/sensei (fairly literally), there is a necessity for voice-overs which he is not in a position to do, meaning they had to bring in someone else.  That someone was Jim Ward who you have assuredly heard while playing several games.

I'm still not too sure on Reality Fighters itself as none of the video on it has been too flattering yet, but at the same time, the above model, which is the actual model I'm sure, looks miles away better than anything from them, so perhaps they were only showing off an early build of the game.  It certainly has the potential to be neat, with as much as it can do with alternate reality, and is likely aimed at being one of the more 'introduction to the Vita' games, since I believe it takes advantage of every single feature the Vita touts:  Front and back touchscreens, cameras, sixaxis, etc.  The problem I see is that it has a very deliberate casual air about it which is almost counter-intuitive these days.  You don't say "casual" and "fighting game" in the same sentence, since it's a very focused, very niche market if you think about it.  It's about on par with racing games, I'd say in the level of focus its market displays.  Having a lot of 'extra' equipment for the extra bit of an edge (Racing wheel, pedals for racing games, arcade stick for fighters) and the like.  Though with both genres, Nintendo's proved able to buck the trend and introduce casual with Smash Bros. and Mario Kart.  So perhaps I'm being a bit premature.

It kind of cycles between looking terrible and looking decent at the drop of a hat, and maybe it makes more sense actually playing it, but I really just don't know.  Only just a little bit of time until we find out for sure, but I'm not getting my hopes too high for it.  If nothing else, the customization looks like it's plenty of fun to toy around with, so I could definitely see myself playing around with it if I got the game for whatever reason.  Possibly on merit of it just being a Vita game and I'm going to want so many Vita games.  So many, you guys, you don't even know.

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