Sunday, January 1, 2012

Resolution Time!

Some of you who read this blog might actually not know that a New Year's Resolution is what really spawned this whole thing.  Last year In 2010, at the end of December, I decided to actually make a resolution that year rather than just being dismissive about the whole thing.  So, I had been The Games of Chance pretty heavily and decided "Hey, writing is a thing I want to do and I quite enjoy reading his blog, so maybe I could do something like that of my own!" and after getting a few pieces of advice from him, I started it up.  The mission statement of at least a post every other day, the commitment to delivering actual content beyond a paragraph or two or just a link to something, it all spawned from me resolving to really jump into this whole writing thing head-first, so I'd say being 1/1 is a pretty good record.

So, of course, this year I just have to one-up myself because that can't end poorly, right?  In all actuality, I've set two resolutions for myself, but I'm only going to be talking about the first one as the second is....well, a little more personal.  They're both a little ambitious, but likely the former (i.e. the one I'm talking about) is the more ambitious of the two.  I wanted something challenging, but something not cliche', so no weight-loss, quitting a 'vice' or anything like that for me, since I am mostly terrible about 'quitting' things.  But I've obviously found something I'm fairly good at, so I'm going to go with that.  So, much like my last resolution, this year's resolution is going to be all about creation.

I've done quite a few posts here about what I'd do if I was making a game, whether it's the series of posts I did about my 'dream game' or the posts I've made about mimicking a Metal Gear Ac!d game with another game as a base, I have very much been vocal about what I'd do if I was going to make a game.  So, hey, put up or shut up time, right?  I haven't talked about all the different ideas I've had in mind here even, and I'm not planning on making a -video game- since it is far, far beyond my capability at this time, but I've been tossing around ideas for either a Table-top RPG style game (Like D&D) or actually making up a card game in the theme of Metal Gear Ac!d (but not exactly like it, of course) so I think it's time to actually get one of them done.  I'm obviously not talking professional-level stuff here; by January of next year (If we make it that far, hurr hurr Mayan Calendar) I'm not expecting to have something I can pitch to someone to be an actual 'buy this at a store' game, but at least something I can pull up with some friends, do a quick explanation of it, and get a game going.

I don't know which I'm going to go with officially, but I've got an idea, so once I have a few things firmly in place, I'll be liable to share them here I'm sure.  And this won't be like "I'm going to make levels on LittleBigPlanet, for serious, and post pictures and stuff about the creation process, I promise" because we all know how that turned out (I'm officially waiting for LBP Vita for that now.  >.> ) since this is my resolution.  This is a -thing- and it's going to -happen-.  'Where making this happen' for reals, and I think it'll be a pretty interesting thing to actually talk about every now and then.  The lucky thing is that, in either case, I already have a few ideas made up, so if nothing else, the first couple of posts about whatever I pick will be easy enough.  And with that, that should prompt me to continue on!

We'll see how it goes, but I hope you guys are interested in seeing what I've got going on!

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