Saturday, January 21, 2012

Progress Report - Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3

As I have often said and lamented in the past, the 'Warriors' line of games have a very japanese design in their trophy layout in that they just want you to squeeze every last drop of gameplay out of the thing before it tosses a bit of Platinum your way.  So with that in mind, as I have done in the past, I figure I should kinda air out my thoughts on Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 now that I'm 55 hours into it and knee-deep in "I just don't give a shit" anymore regarding some of the complaints I had.  Not that I've accepted them, I just don't care now; they don't even register in my head now that I have this goal of getting shit done because that is my focus now.  I want that 19th Platinum trophy for the non-existent Trophy Shelf in my Playstation Account's nebulous representation of these accomplishments.  Would've been a lot nicer if that Trophy Case thing for Home ever panned out but, well, it also would've been a lot nicer if a lot for Home had panned out properly.  But that's a whole other issue entirely.

Now, a good portion of the trophies has been, much like Dynasty Warriors 7, about collecting things.  Collecting Mobile Suits, Characters, Pilots (which is different than characters because some of the Characters are non-playable and only have an entry in the Gallery), Movies, Music and Sounds all have a trophy attached to it, I believe, and they've been pretty much easy to get.  No real going out of the way to get them, no dramatic goal that is, yes, part of another trophy but practically in its own league (Looking at you Consensus Builder), just things you'll get naturally.  That's been fairly nice at least.  Another one of those has been gathering all the licenses for the main Mobile Suits (of which, most are proper Gundams) so that anyone* can pilot them rather than just their intended pilot or pilots depending on the suit itself. 

*Anyone who is a Newtype/Cyber-Newtype at least, as some suits are Newtype specific.

The licenses are mostly useless from my perspective since if I like a suit, I generally like the Pilot as well (Gundam Wing Suits/Pilots minus Trowa, Char and his Zaku II, Domon and the Burning Gundam) and beyond that, the only reason to play as someone I didn't care for/didn't know was to get their license which required them being in their suit and not one that I bought for another suit.  That'll change now that I'm grinding for friendship and not licenses (have to use the suit five times before it's purchasable) and it'll be nicer to use my better suits with Pilots I don't generally care for, but that just makes the licenses for the Gundams I don't like double-useless.  Why would I use the V2 Gundam, for instance, when I have a much better Epyon that's just -right there- ready for me to use?  I wouldn't.  Nobody would.  Because the V2 is pretty terrible aside from a fairly spectacular special attack.

The real bone of contention I've found is with the structure of unlocking missions since it basically relies on other missions being unlocked which, in turn, require other missions to be unlocked.  To that end, I currently have no new missions.  Literally none that I have not completed save for one missions that I can see that is not unlocked because I have not completed all other missions.  The reason I don't have any new missions is because the ones I need are locked for whatever reason meaning that I have to do something before I unlock and do a mission that will invariably unlock another mission leaving me to then need to do something else for yet another mission to unlock more missions.  The bulk of the problems here is with the History missions as I need certain pilots to have a certain friendship level before I can do them or before they'll even show up for me to find out how I need to unlock them.  It's a cyclical problem that I seem to stumble across in several games and it never gets any less frustrating.

Regardless, I think that, working with relationships will basically fill in the rest of my game for me and considering that's the step I'm on, it should be easy enough to finish off.  Unfortunately, that won't be the end of it as there is the little matter of the Online Mode which requires you to actually play missions over the internet.  No workaround either, no setting up a private match and playing before your reserve slot comes in as those kills, that victory won't count towards the eventual 1,000 Shot Down and 100 completed missions you have to do for all the trophies.  I think I'm going to reserve those for a later day with a friend rather than working with some pubs about the internet for them.  So all in all, the road to being finished with Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 is technically pretty short or super long depending on how hard it'll be to up these remaining friendships.  Hopefully it'll go by quickly and then after that, I'll just have to wait til I can have a buddy work with me for 100 missions.  Which isn't a slog at all.

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