Monday, January 30, 2012

Game-Play Planning For Fun and Pro....Well, Fun

As I always do when I'm planning out a future purchase, I've started thinking about my video game budget, or rather, my time budget, since my monetary one is a bit more simple.  With the Vita looming on the horizon (as well as the two games I'll likely grab with it), it most certainly constitutes as a 'future purchase'.  While true that I will have more opportunity to play with the Vita than my PS3 by mere virtue of it being designed to be pick-up-and-play from anywhere, I imagine it is going to take up a good bit of my gaming time, so my PS3 will sit by rather under-appreciated in the meanwhile unless I absolutely destroy the Vita battery and can't play it which it charges.  Still, I have a month to go before I really have to worry about it, so I have to figure out what I'm going to do, game-wise, in that month, hence the 'budget' or the gameplay-planning here.

I do have a bit more accomplished in AssBro, but nothing really to write home about.  I'm becoming increasingly annoyed at the rather arbitrary region divisions as it's making the goal of renovating the entirety of Rome impossible to the point that I hit so many brick walls, or more accurately white walls of desynchronization, that I eventually just give up and start advancing the story with something of a grudge.  I'm sure that's not very good for myself or for my impression of the game, but it's the truth, unfortunately.  I think it speaks highly for the game itself, however, or at least the design of it that I would rather cruise around the map and visit different areas than be 'forced' to actually -play it-.  Though there's nothing really wrong with the actual gameplay itself, it's just that goddamnit, I want to burn that Borgia Tower.

It's gotten past the point where I actually unlocked the 'Brotherhood' part of AssBro, and while it took me a few days, that is again because I spent more of my time dicking around the world rather than playing the story, so I assume you could theoretically get to the point I'm at in hours rather than my prolonged period of time.  I actually really really enjoy the way the Brotherhood Assassin's are handled; the Contracts are very reminiscent of Peace Walker (by design, I know) which is -always- a good thing, and being able to summon them at any real point to watch them pounce a foe before you,'s a good feeling.  And the detail with them is surprising - after calling my assassin's on a group of guards, I simply walked by as the last guard was killed with a jumping assassination by one of my men who whispered something to the effect of "The Void welcomes you.  Your suffering is at an end." which caught me right off guard.  It's a little surprising at how such a little thing has such a power to it, but it does and it's something that should be trumpeted, I think.  At least a little more than some of the other things featured more prominently that is.

I'm not sure exactly how much of Brotherhood I'm going to delve into, however.  I haven't looked at the trophy list, but I have a sinking suspicion that a goodly amount of it is dedicated to the online portion which I have said that I likely won't look into too much.  I might pop into it, but if there's a trophy that requires I get to the highest rank or something equally silly, I might not even bother, which might reflect on my willingness to get the rest of the trophies.  If the end goal is the Platinum and I already know I'm not getting it, what's the point in prolonging it?  Aside from fun, I guess.  Maybe if the MP offers the level of fun as I'm assured it grants, I'll dip into it regardless.  We'll see.

I recently purchased a copy of Alpha Protocol for PS3 for $12 for no other reason than "Hey, it's $12" and I've had a cursory interest in it for a while now.  While I have a lot of games that I didn't just buy that I still need to play, one of those games that I do need to play is still Fist of the North Star:  Ken's Rage and with Dynasty Warriors Next coming up for the Vita, I'm pretty covered on my Warriors needs.  I'm still recovering from Gundam 3 after all, so I need to keep the healing channels open.  So, for $12 and my interest already, as well as the desire to play as a created character since my Demon's Souls plans never panned out, it's looking like Alpha Protocol will be the next game in line, depending on my AssBro antics.

I looked through the manual that came with the game and I'm not quite sure just what build I'm going to attempt first; Stealth is very enticing, but the stealth build doesn't include computer skills which likely help with that sort of thing.  Computer skills are covered by another field and while you can buy skills regardless of your class, I'm sure if I go with the Stealth class I'll have other things to do like focusing on the stealth skill.  It seems like something that is vital and if you base a character around stealth, you have to go full-boar into it.  At least that's what previous games have taught me, since focusing in stealth, and indeed being good at being stealthy, generally precludes you from being too combat-friendly which gets a little hairy real fast if your stealth skills don't come through.  (Looking at you because of this, Tenchu.)

I have considered that perhaps Alpha Protocol is a game that I will want to play more than once for the clear expanse of options that are present beyond what I represent here (as there is certainly more than 'stealth' and 'not stealth').  And if time allows, I might do just that, but I'm not guaranteeing quite anything beyond sharing my experiences here.  I'm sure the game will, like AssBro, offer me entertainment even if I come to the conclusion that the game itself is -not- entertaining.  (Which is my stance on AC2, less so with AssBro, as I feel something resembling genuine excitement over the growing game variety)  So I'm not too worried on my gaming in the month I have before I jump back into the portable world with both feet.  Because -god-, do I miss it.

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