Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Kupowered!

As you might have seen in the Year in Review by the numbers post I made last month, January 5th of 2011 marked the first post of Kupowered and, given this is January 5th of 2012, that means an entire year has gone by and this is still going strong.  It occurs to me that, had I not done a 'by the numbers' post already, that this would be another great time to do it, but it's done and linked, so if you're curious about those numbers, there you go.  And I guess another thing to do here would be to say how good of a year it's been and talk about what I plan on doing this year....which I have also already done.


Note to self:  Next year, think this over better.

There's honestly nothing really to talk about tonight.  Nothing newsworthy other than former-PSN Exclusive 'Amy' getting official release details/pricing for Europe and a somewhat sketchy-sounding release/pricing for NA.  It seems the Playstation Network version will be $12.99 where the XBLA version will be, more or less, $10.  The fact that it's a dual-release suggests there's content parity as well, so I couldn't even suggest that we PS3 owners are getting more bang for our buck.  Perhaps there'll be an announcement down the pipeline talking of exclusive 'free' DLC or something, but any interest I had for the title, personally, has been shot.  Not that I'm feeling some sort of outrage against the devs, simply I'm not even going to consider paying $13 what others pay $10 for at the exact same time without a little extra assurance of getting that full $13-worth.

But that's a fairly sour note to go on (all things considered) so why don't I just end this post with one of my favorite trailers of 2011, if just to remind you all that it's coming~

Mmmm.  I can't wait.  Heads will roll!  Literally!

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