Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Game: Leaning Towards....

Despite having a more solid start with my Tabletop concept, the allure of the unknown and recent deluge of ideas I had for the Card game seems to be pushing me solidly in that direction insomuch as I've not been able to -not- think about it for the last couple days.  A lot of fleshing out has been done (comparatively speaking at least) for the concept, so I really think I can hit the ground running with that one if I think up just a few more base things for it.  I guess I can/should go over what little I have really planned out here, if only to help my thought process on it along some.  That (and talking to Saki-Chan) certainly seemed to help start fleshing this out to begin with anyways, so hopefully I can keep that creativity going.

The world I have envisioned, which I've kind of touched on already, is fairly Mirror's Edge-ish in my head, looks-wise anyways, in that it's going to be fairly super modern, but not futuristic with the most detail for that being in the very clean presentation ME offers.  The general atmosphere of the world might carry over as well in a sense, or at least how I've interpreted ME without playing it just yet; a world (or at least a nation) that's fairly ruled by fear and dominance, but in such a way that it's hardly noticed.  Nothing to fall into disrepair out of neglect because 'everything will be fine so long as you live like you're told' and that sort of theme which would obviously help where it concerns the -more- important factor of the game that I'm still working on:  The Factions involved that a player can control.

I have four main groups thought of at current, which is more or less all I want; I imagine a game involving four players would be rather chaotic enough if it's done right, but such is how tactical games go when more and more players are introduced.  Still, any more than that would likely be rough going and having it at that, with all four factions independent of one another means if you only have one other or two other friends to play with, you're not exactly losing out.  All four groups have their own uniqueness so far to make them appealing to several different playstyles.  One is mostly movement-focused which sort of cribs more from ME more than I would've liked but come on, it fits where another draws its strength from raw numbers, meaning the player playing them can field/control more than one person in a game.  A third faction is, in my head, sort of envisioned as a Street Gang/group of Street Fighters who are, obviously, more combat oriented and might even be able to chain together combat actions (to increase the overall damage somewhat) or perhaps be able to prepare a third combat maneuver.  And the fourth....well, the fourth more or less has to be a 'specialist' group, but specializing in -what- is what I haven't settled on just yet.

I think I said it before, but I envision the game being able to be carried around in just a few parts:  a deck for your chosen faction, your chosen figure (think a Mini-figure) with its necessary stats, and a couple folded maps for you and your friends to decide what to use for that particular round.  Every map will be marked for any gametype so you'll be able to pick one and just get right into it, or, obviously, make up your own goals if you so desire.  Like I said, the game is fairly designed (in my head, obviously) to have that low barrier of entry that card games offer, where you can just pull out a deck and start playing since you both know the rules already, or even if you don't, it's fairly easy to explain right like that.  The actual gameplay is at least a bit more complex, of course, but the hope is that it'll be a little more rewarding without being too overcomplicated.

There's plenty of other stuff I have at least initialized, obviously, but I can't help but feel like I need to keep some of it back for now.  I'm still pretty excited with it as I've got going through my head and if I can just really pull it out and put it down into something physical that matches it, I'll be really happy with what I end up with.  Here's to hoping I'll be able to start thinking up actual cards without hitting a wall relatively early!

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