Sunday, January 26, 2014

So, What's Going On?

Things have been a bit weird here on Kupowered!  I know this.  Generally, if there's a problem I tend to skip a night, but it's rare that there's two in a row, and without computer problems or something like that, I've never been behind more than that at any point in time.  I mean, I guess there's just a first for everything, but goddamn if I'm not frustrated with it.  In a sense.  The part I'm frustrated about is that I haven't really had a lot of time lately, and even when I -have- had time, I haven't really had the focus or ability to actually just sit down and type like I do.  Always something going on or something like that.

Most of it's....well, it's not bad things, but it's some things that I am exceptionally nervous about.  Without going into too much detail, it's related to a family member, and there'll be a fairly serious situation regarding that on Friday.  It's something that definitely merits worry, which I've been doing, but it's also something that -shouldn't- be worried about.  I've been working on that.  You know how it goes sometimes.

The other crazy part of my life is something that I've taken to explaining as "a Goddamn Anime".  (Used in a nice way, of course)  I won't bore you with the details (rather, I dare not share them) because the absurdity of the entirety of it all is unfathomable - even living it, I simply don't believe it.  Thus I surely can't expect others to do so.  Maybe I'll share the story one day when it's actually come to some sort of conclusion and I'm not in the dead center of it, but we'll see.

Now, the main reason I wanted to get this post out is that yes, I've been posting up posts rather late and dating them back to sequential dates.  The reason I've been doing that, aside from the obvious, is simply to get every page some visibility.  Besides, I have actually -started- these posts on the nights they're going up, it's just that I never really got to finish them.  It's cheating, sure, but I'm fairly sure you fine lot don't care too much.  Especially once I finally ht my stride and get everything set up nice and easy.

This week, whenever I get around to it, will finally be Game of the Year time.  I just wanted to say that I won't be going all-out this year and will instead be embracing a new format.  Or rather, an old one.  If you remember my Final Fantasy Tactics thing where I tried to make it a big deal as a way to ensure I would actually finish the game for once (and failed), I made extensive use of staggering pictures from side to side and for whatever reason I just really liked that.  Considering I have a -large- list of games this year (20, like last year) and considering that I about burned myself out completely last year doing them, I'm cutting it back to something much more manageable.  By...doing a staggered picture thing like that for aesthetics while saying a little piece on each game.  Of course, around the Top Five or so, I'll probably have -more- to say about each game and might go to something more traditional, but for everything before then, simply expect visually pleasing blurbs.  I think it'll work much, much better.

Thanks for all your patience, folks.  Sorry I've been a bit shite, but things have just been really...hectic.  Hectic is not the right word, but it's close enough.  It's been unlike anything I've encountered in a -while- and definitely not since starting this blog.  So it just hasn't been the easiest thing to juggle.  Still, I'm okay personally and I'm in good spirits, so that's all I'll need!  Probably.

bad Mogs, you don't want to try FFT again after reading those posts, stop it

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