Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tomb Raider on PS4 is Still Very Tempting...

Back when Tomb Raider:  Definitive Edition was announced, I mentioned that I made a quick mental decision that while I was going to get the game eventually because -shiny-, I wasn't going to get it right away.  That has not changed, but after seeing the comparison video above, it has become infinitely more troublesome.  On the one hand - I know the quality of the product already and it's high (spoiler: it broke my top 5 in my GotY list - posts for that are coming, btw) and presented in such a lovely fashion on a brand-new console (that I don't have yet, granted) is very, very tempting.  On the other hand, it's a game I've spent $60 on already, and to do so again only gets me the shinies since I don't give one ounce of shit about the Multi-player to this day, so more maps does nothing to tickle my fancies.

I can't deny that if they would've just introduced it at $40, it would be a much, much more difficult decision, one that I probably would make in their favor.  I understand their position for the price-point and I don't really even begrudge them for it - they obviously crafted the new graphics and such with care and effort, and unless the game stutters to sub-30 FPS, well, they probably earned the higher price point, if only because of the quality of the game itself.  I just can't do it to myself, though.  My lined-up PS4 games are Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (since I'll be able to buy it physically) and inFamous:  Second Son, though I'll definitely have a PS4 before those games come out.  What I play on it in the meanwhile is...something I will have to figure out.  But after Tomb Raider: DE's first big price cut, I think I'll be there with bells on.  If only so I can get my Ropebow on again.

also because Lara was a pretty damn awesome character

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