Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sort of a Stop-Gap Post

I usually like to start off the new year with a big ol' numbers post or something along those lines, but I'm just really not into it at the moment.  In fact, I'm not really into a whole -lot- right now really.  As I've said before, I'm still getting over being sick and I've gone and re-aggravated my back with a particularly intense fit of coughing, and it's just very unpleasant.  It was worse yesterday, of course, which is the primary reason why no post made it up - it wasn't as if I was off being busy or anything.  After all, where would I be on New Year's Eve?  Nowhere but home, and while that might sound just a bit bitter, I honestly wouldn't prefer to be anywhere else - it's just the circumstances at home that I wish I could change.  Enough of that, though.

I'm going to avoid saying a lot here because I want to save a bunch of it for my proper New Year's post, but I also wanted to post something here because part of my goals for this year is to be less of a damn embarrassment to myself in terms of managing to make posts.  Now don't worry - I make it sound like I'm taking it a little harder than I am, but that's purposefully so because it is something that bugs me.  I didn't even break 300 posts in 2013 which is something that I'm highly annoyed with.  Even though I tell myself the initial goal was always 'Every Other Day' (which means 183 posts, which I did about 100 more than) I -like- that I can produce something called content on the daily and I really want to get back into that.  Really, I want to focus on writing again this year, since it oddly seemed to slip my mind last year.

Regardless, as stated there's just not a whole lot I can get into tonight.  My back is making it hard to write just about anything, as it's really hard to get comfortable in my chair and I've had to take a lot of breaks even writing this, which makes it hard to keep focus.  I'm still plugging along at Terraria's Hard Mode and grumbling loudly because I can't find any goddamn Adamantite now that I have a Mythril Drill and I keep fucking dying to the multitudes of fucking enemies and I've started The Last of Us.  However, the less said about that for now, the better, because goddamn Clickers are the worst.  All in all, I'm more than a little grumbly, and I think that's clearly obvious.  So, you know.

Business as usual.

nice to see 2014 starting out so differently

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