Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rune Factory 4 Has a Release Date - October 1st

Rune Factory 4, the game that literally tipped me into getting a 3DS (even if not immediately) finally has a proper release date with which I will be able to throw money at some unsuspecting GameStop clerk in return for the game and presumably a case to go along with it.  Possibly a bag as well to carry it in.  They are usually nice about bagging things.  As you might be able to tell, I am positively ecstatic for this news because I have been craving a Harvest Moon game for a while, yet it seems that whenever I pick up my 3DS, it's to play Animal Crossing instead of Harvest Moon:  A New Beginning which, unfortunately, has a bit of a slow start into what I'm told is an amazing experience that rivals even the best Harvest Moons.  So it's a bit daunting to actually try to get into, and now I wonder if I should attempt it, given that there' know, less than a month between now and when I will have Rune Factory 4 in my hands.

Perhaps if I had a little more than what amounts to one or two hours of free time on a nightly basis (seeing as I still see Animal Crossing as 'mandatory' despite that being terrible and awful for me) and that I chose to spend most of that time watching a Star Wars: The Force Unleashed LP, which I'm going to talk about in another post, so it's kind of 'research', (also, protip: the first video at least was flagged by youtube, but the Vita youtube app cares not for copyright violations) then maybe I would consider playing it.  In fact, I would definitely play it if I hadn't bought and downloaded Dragon Fantasy Book II this past Tuesday, which I'm going to throw my entire Saturday and Sunday into because good lord, I have wanted that game so bad.  Not to mention that I have Killzone Mercenary which I haven't even thrown in to let it patch's just really not a good time to be working every single day because it's seriously cutting into my personal time.  Which is totally rude and inconsiderate.  Even if it is funding the rest of my gaming purchases for the rest of the year.

The awkward thing about this all is that I have absolutely no knowledge of what's actually going to be in Rune Factory 4, except a lot of love and effort from XSEED's Brittany Avery who tweeted about the game so much while she was working on it and testing it and it made the wait all that more painful.  Though it'll make the end-product amazing, I'm sure.  It'll have all the trappings of a usual Rune Factory game, assuredly - a skill system to obsessively work on, crafting of all sorts, taming monsters for your farm and relationships - but there's new stuff that I mentioned in the post where I found out about the game that I just don't know if it's even true anymore.  Or in what fashion that it's true.  So it comes down to either obsessively searching the internet for information or going full black-out until I have the game and start playing it so that I simply discover things in it for myself.  Which...really isn't even a choice.

As a result, however, I don't really have a lot to say here other than the game is coming out a couple weeks after Grand Theft Auto V which is the day I get a brand-new PS3 as well to combat the backlog of PS3 games I have and fucking damnit, it would have to be around that time, wouldn't it.  Still, I want Rune Factory 4 so bad, so I'm -going- to play it for's just going to be a little juggling act going on between that and the PS3 and the Vita and oh my God what the hell is happening?  Suddenly, games!  And it's not going to get any easier with the PS4 launch...Maybe I should just discover a way to function on zero sleep.  That....that would be the easy solution here.  I may inadvertently find out with Rune Factory 4, though.  Wouldn't put it past me.

so many trips to GameStop, so many cashiers hit with money

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