Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Allergies Make Me Tired

Because Nature wanted to give me one last shot in the arm as a rather loud and annoying "Fuck you", after the very nice cool-down, the heat has started to come back and allergens are flying rampant in the air again.  This has reduced me to being even more tired than you would expect from waking up at 7 AM for work every morning when I am a Night Owl who sometimes called 7 AM "bedtime".  As in, going to bed for the first time during a span of hours.  I'm sure you knew what I meant, but you know how I do sometimes enjoy superfluously explaining things.  Especially when I'm tired and prone to rambling because I cannot otherwise form coherent thoughts.

I was writing a post about the Sega Sammy acquiring Index thing, but I just lost track of it, started sneezing and just got really tired, so I'm putting that on the burner to be finished tonight.  I hate doing that, but when I have to get to bed and I'm just not feeling it, nor could I be expected to, it just ain't happening.  This'll clear up soon enough, I assure you, but until then it's just kind of a process that has to be stuck out.  Unfortunately.  All sorts of fun, I assure you.

So yeah, that's about it for tonight.  Sorry for the lack of post, all.

dear Mother Nature, go screw, love, everyone

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