Monday, December 16, 2013

Finally Some News About Final Fantasy X/X-2 Vita

The news is weird.  Not great.  Not awful.  Just....weird.

It was announced on the Playstation Blog today that the Vita version finally has a release date and details, now that it's been like, months of basically little to no word about it.  It will be releasing on March 18th, all the same as the PS3 version, but the way it's being delivered is...different.  Ever since the Vita versions of X and X-2 were announced with a proper date in Japan, and announced to be released as separate games (with a twin-pack version available) we have been hoping that we would get that.  Especially when the alternative seemed to be getting both games as Digital-Only releases.  On the one hand, it was near impossible to reconcile Squeenix releasing FFX HD and FFX-2 HD physically for $20 each, but on the other, it was hard to imagine them expecting you to give up a large portion of memory card space (and I do mean -large-) for the privilege of playing the games after a full-priced, digital-only release.  Hilariously, Squeenix picked the option we never considered and split the baby.

Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD will release a sense.  When you purchase FFX HD for $40 (the same price as the PS3 bundle) you will also have a download voucher for FFX-2 HD.  You still get both games, you still pay the same price, and you still have to devote some memory card space towards the group.  It's...basically both sides giving up something which is rather strange and different in these days, but I can't actually fault the logic.  I am annoyed with the fact that FFX-2 HD will be like 3.5 gigs and that the only way to get it will be to download it, but it is what it is - I'm in the market for a larger memory card anyway.  We'll see if I get any gift cards or whatnot that I'll be comfortable using towards the purchase of a 32 gig or (please friggin release it over here) a 64 gig.

What this means is that I'm finally going to put a pre-order down on the game.  I don't want to send Squeenix a "Digital is a-okay" message, but I'll only be half-doing that, technically, by going with this route.  I can't just -not- get it either, because I've been itching to replay X ever since it was announced, and I want to do it in the palms of my hands on the glorious OLED screen.  I've also wanted to encourage FFXII International Zodiac Job System on Vita as well, so here's really my one shot.  Since Squeenix is dragging their heels on throwing anything else on the Vita.  HINT HINT.  Jerks.

It is finally good to know that it's coming out here officially, even if the way it's releasing is non-standard all around.  It's better than the alternative of saying "Free up ~7 gigs of space or go fuck yourself" as everyone was really, honestly assuming Squeenix would do.  That option will still be available, of course, as the Digital Version of FFX HD works the same exact way - buy it to get X-2 HD as well.  You won't be able to buy either game separately, or at least not right away, but, well, I have always wanted to at least -try- X-2 properly, despite all the stuff that I know will make me roll my eyes so hard they might fall out of my head.  So eventually, I will get to do so!  It's just a matter of getting everything in order and waiting for March...or rather, waiting til sometime in April or so when I'll -actually- play it.  Because, you know, PS4, inFamous:  Second Son...all that fun stuff.

it's funny how like nobody ever would have come up with this solution

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