Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Oh, What Did I Get?

I know everyone loves to show off 'the haul' as it's colloquially referred to, and I decided "Hey, I can get in on that action".  Especially since it's easy and probably the only thing I -could- talk about because it's easy.  I think it'd just be best if I went down the list here.  From left to right:
  • Dishonored:  Game of the Year Edition - It's supposed to be good, right?  So, I'm going to see what it's about.  Having all the DLC and such helps as well.
  • Remember Me - Yes, I know it's got its flaws, but I really wanted to give it a shot.  I'm an expert at enjoying games that other people don't, after all.  Plus the whole aesthetic is just too good to ignore - if only developers could take that sort of world and make undeniably good games with it.  Here's hoping for Watch_Dogs, I guess?
  • Red Dead Redemption:  Game of the Year Edition - Would you believe I've never owned nor played Red Dead Redemption?  Because I haven't.  I figured this was the time to change that.  Wanted GotY Edition because....well, I think that's obvious.  No reason to not want that since it's been out for, what, two years?  Three?
  • Deadpool (in a GameStop Used Case hrrrg) - Again, one of those "I will probably enjoy it because other people didn't" and also Deadpool.  I think I watched the trailer for it when it was announced for like an hour straight because it was that enjoyable.  So I figure the game should be pretty damn funny if nothing else, and that's worth it to me.  Also Nolan North.
  • Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection - I never did get the HD Collection on PS3 because Konami apparently did a really small printing of it.  I got it on my Vita and have yet to even start it, but it's apparently the only way I'll ever play Peace Walker with proper controls unless I rebuy Peace Walker which is an unattractive idea, unfortunately.  Not that they don't deserve the support or the sale, of course, it's just that I bought the UMD on Day One, put 100+ hours into it, and space is at a constant premium on my Vita.  Not to mention the Legacy Collection comes with Metal Gear Solid 1 (download, I thought it was supposed to be on-disk, but this works better I suppose) and the VR Missions which I didn't own, as well as the Digital Novels or whatever they are that were almost impossible to find.
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City Twin-Pack - Much like Red Dead Redemption, I have never owned either Asylum or City, but I have also not played City.  I've got a good grip of the trophies in Asylum (I think I only need Hard Mode and a couple challenge maps), but it was through a rental, and I found myself unwilling to actually -buy- it again just for that, but I also find renting a bit...distasteful anymore.  Not trying to be a snob, of course, I just like owning my things.  I never played City because it was described as "Asylum, but better" and I was like "Well....Asylum was -okay-" and couldn't really think of how much better it could theoretically be.  I suppose I'll find out.
  • Tales of Xillia: Limited Edition - I'm always going to kick myself for not buying the Collector's Edition, because I really wanted that Milla figure for some reason (I have no place for it, no understanding of the character and did I mention that I have no room for it) but I always felt that pang against logic, that simple wanting of it and I never did indulge that.  I wanted to get to Tales of Graces F before buying Xillia because I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy the series, but that bridge is a little too late to cross now and I'm not too fussed by it.  The series has a lot of fans and with any luck, more purchases means more localizations and I want to support that.  (Worked with Zestiria, so maybe we can hope on really late localizations of Vesperia and the Vita ones?  Maybe?  No?  Please?)
Aside from that, I got $150 in GameStop funbux which will go directly towards the purchase of a PS4 sometime within the next couple of months, and some nice Pajama Pants because Pajama Pants are so comfortable, you guys.  Just so comfortable.  All in all, not a bad lot of games!  Now if only I had the time to play any of them.

I pretty much just want figures from like every goddamn game I've played ever, so maybe that's why I wanted Milla - I blame my Cole statue from inFamous 2


  1. Oh, Dishonored is amazing. It's a top favorite of mine, personally. I also really enjoyed Red Dead Redemption, but I never finished it (yet!). Haven't played the others yet. It's awesome you got so many good games! :)

    The Girly Gamer

    1. Yeah, I'd heard a lot of good things about Dishonored, but I've managed to somehow keep myself sheltered from knowing a lot about it, so it'll be interesting to get into. I was a little less enthusiastic about giving RDR a shot because I've seen how slow it is at the start, with the riding horses in formation (something that carried over into GTA: The Lost and Damned with the motorcycles that I abhored) for rather long distances that is almost completely padding, but I figure it's got enough praise that it has to get better rather quickly.