Monday, December 23, 2013

All Wrapped Out

So, this is the first year where I've managed to secure presents for more than a choice few members of my family (namely the children) which is good!  The spirit of giving is strong in me and I love being able to give like I am.  The issue that arises, however, is that, while I like wrapping presents, I'm not necessarily a fan of wrapping presents for three days straight (as I still have more to do tomorrow).  Such a task has proven to be rather...draining and there's no big news that I can see, so I give you K-Pop.  I would like to give myself the opportunity to rest, but alas, there are action figures and kitchen gadgets and clothes to be adorned with festive trappings.  Enjoy, all!

the music honestly does help, but still, just so much wrapping

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