Sunday, December 1, 2013


When Sega bought Index, everyone had at the very least an uneasy feeling about the whole matter and weren't really all that afraid to voice it.  As someone -not- in Japan who enjoys RPGs, it's got all the potential of being the worst news you could stand to hear, since Atlus (one of Index's main companies) is one of the big last bastions of RPGs and Sega is one of the few big companies that clearly does not give a shit about everywhere that isn't Japan anymore.  Technically, this meant that Sega has the power to decide what came out of Atlus and how and where, but we all really, really hoped that they simply wouldn't exert that authority and would instead just allow Atlus to do what Atlus does which is making money.  Which is likely something Sega would like them to do.  It's what we all want, clearly.

Thankfully, that's what Sega says they're intending on doing.  They say they're going to let Index (which basically means Atlus) operate independently and continue just doing what they're doing.  Which would have meant a -lot- more if it had been stated before the massive Persona announcement event last weekend, but, well, Sega's thing has never really been good timing.  Regardless, it's comforting to know that, beyond Persona Q, Persona Ultimax Suplex Hold or whatever it's called, the strangely convenient Persona:  Dancing All Night that's being co-developed by one of Sega's studios that does rhythm/dancing games and Persona 5 that Atlus will be free and able to do whatever they please.  Which apparently goes on to have an even deeper meaning than it appears on the surface.

You see, in addition to claiming that Atlus has free reign over their own affairs, Sega has basically said that if Atlus wants to take a crack at some old, under-utilized Sega IPs, they're absolutely free to them.  This is the part where rational thought leaves your body and you consider an Atlus-developed Phantasy Star V and somebody has to call over somebody else with a mop.  And then you go "Oh, they actually wouldn't do that because Phantasy Star is just the online series now" and be a little sad.  But then you'll go "WAIT SHIT VALKYRIA CHRONICLES" and start thinking about a Valkyria Chronicles game with S. Links Officer Bonds and here comes the mop again but then you start to wonder if Atlus can nail the specifics of a third-person shooter/turn-based strategy game since that's a little outside of their realm.  So then you just think about Skies of Arcadia 2 and you're cautious now and sure enough, you wonder the same thing about Valkyria Chronicles, but with the Ship-to-Ship combat and such.

So basically what I'm getting at is that it would be pretty awesome, but I don't know how awesome.  I have the utmost faith in their ability to create a compelling story with compelling characters that have compelling motivations and actions with compelling direction, but, well, I've never played a Persona game for the dungeon-crawling.  That may be a sort of blasphemy and I understand that, but I'm well within my rights to be a little wary of the situation because the games in question - Valkyria Chronicles and Skies of Arcadia - are very particular games, and require a delicate touch by those familiar with it, -or- a company that's so damn good at mechanics that they can spoof them well enough while tightening and improving them.  Atlus is probably capable of that!  I just haven't seen it happen, and I can't say that I would enjoy a Valkyria Chronicles 4 if it was any less of a game mechanics-wise than 2 was since it was my last dip into the series.

Still, it's good that Sega is attempting to assuage fears, even if I'm just going to say "Pfft, whatever Sega, you goddamn liars" and reserve my judgment til such a time when Atlus has released their last four Persona games and are working on another one or SMT V or something that concludes 'business as usual' for them.  Or, you know, actually working on a Sega IP even if I'd be biting my nails the entire time it was being developed.  But I'm still mad at you, Sega.  I'm going to be mad for a while because you keep hurting me, and no amount of Persona is going to make up for the Yakuza-shaped holes in my heart and gaming collection.  Though since you have access to Atlus USA, you know you can fix that.  They know it.  They just don't care.

honestly, if Atlus could just remake Phantasy Star I-IV I would buy the ever-loving shit out of it

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