Monday, December 2, 2013

Rymdkapsel is Pretty Great

When I heard about the Festive Giveaway that is going on with Playstation Mobile, I just kind of went with it not expecting a whole lot.  I haven't dipped into Playstation Mobile much for reasons I believe I've talked about before (aside from a dip to buy Tokyo Jungle Mobile) and I've more or less just been waiting for the games to be incentivized with more features build right in and such.  Still, free games is free games and the first offerings for the five-week affair were a Soccer game called Passing Time and a strange game titled Rymdkapsel.  I've learned that you won't know how to pronounce it, but you'll have a hell of a time playing it if you're anything like me.

Rymdkapsel is billed as a "meditative strategy game set in space" that "combines spatial puzzling, tower defense and base-building" at the same time, which is far more compelling than it seems at first glance.  It eases you in nicely to the mechanics of it, offering tutorials to start you off that has you build a corridor, then a generator, an extractor and so on and so on so that you're left with the basics of a base.  Then you're more or less left to do that and keep expanding until you reach out to some of the platforms that dot the space about you.  On these platforms are monoliths that you can research to some nebulous result as I've never fully researched even a one, though I assume they're useful!  I would hope so, at least, for the amount of effort that they require.

It's a precarious balance, building things and managing your space station in-between alien assaults, since you have to figure out Defense coverage, make sure you have resources readily available and actually manage your time well since waves of enemies come faster and faster as it goes along, making it become quite difficult to actually get anything done.  I have not quite mastered the balance, but I'm getting some ideas of it, especially after not playing it.  Still, it's definitely worth looking into and refining since it's basically something that...won't end until you die, I believe.  The difficulty ramps up, but if you can find some way to mitigate it with brute force, then it should be pretty well sorted to keep you going for a while.  That's what I've got to try and figure out, I think.

For the nice price of Free, it's obviously a fantastic game, but I'm pretty confident that had I spent money on it, I wouldn't be disappointed.  There's probably a couple days left in the giveaway (I think PSM updates on Wednesday) so if you haven't already, make sure to grab it up.  Space stations aren't going to build themselves, after all!

at least not yet, but you know, future

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