Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ragnarok Odyssey Coming Out October 30th?! Fffff-

So it was confirmed today that Ragnarok Odyssey would still be making its October release window, but just barely, as it comes out on the 30th, basically the very last day it -could- come out to still live up to that promise.  This is sort of a mixed bag in the ol' news department, as it were, since on the positive side we now know when the game is coming out.  However, the negative side is that it's coming out on the same day as a ton of other shit like fellow Vita titles Assassin's Creed:  Liberation and Need for Speed:  Most Wanted, not to mention the likes of, uh, Assassin's Creed 3 and the HD-ified Okami for PS3 proper.  The point is, Ragnarok Odyssey has some serious damn competition on that date, and I certainly hope XSEED is prepared for a slow burn since that is certainly what it's going to be.  Everyone looking to get the game is probably going to be getting it -and- something else, myself included, and it's just that many more people that probably won't get it in lieu of that something else, whatever it may be.  There will be people who buy it, however, just possibly not as many up-front as they hoped for.

Personally, I'm locked into my purchase with the pre-ordering system that we're all likely familiar with by now.  Sure, you can generally ignore the release dates if you so desire and your copy just goes out into the wild, but I sort of splurged and put my money down on the Mercenary Edition because...that's just what I -do-.  I mean, it's only ten more dollars and I get cards.  I don't know what they're used for, but cards.  I'm...partially kidding, of course.  A physical soundtrack (probably because Soundtrack unpacking doesn't work on Vita yet) and a "Mercenary Guide", apparently something like 90 pages long, filled with art, tips and strategies certainly makes that extra $10 more palatable.  Certainly not a thinly-veiled attempt to just give XSEED more money in hopes that it will speed along the other two Trails in the Sky games or anything, as I am clearly just that excited for a game that I know very little about still.  I mean, there's monsters, you cut them, possibly smash them depending on your class, and everybody's happy.  Sometimes you do it with other people because that makes it more fun.

I say that because a Special Edition of a game is something that you just don't back out of, as it's something to be desired, to be treasured.  In some cases, something to be sought out, as I did all that time ago with inFamous 2's Hero Edition.  Having one that essentially has my name on it instills a sort of responsibility into me, and if only because of that, I feel it necessary to pick it up.  Of course, that's not the only reason, as that would just be silly - I am genuinely interested in the game for all of its facets.  The aesthetics of the game will likely shine on the Vita's screen, the gameplay is something that I'm probably familiar with, though haven't expressly experienced in the way it is implemented in Ragnarok Odyssey, and the possibility of playing such a game with some of the few buddies that I game with regularly all make it a tantalizing purchase.  A purchase that I'm looking forward to getting, possibly alongside a copy of Assassin's Creed:  Liberations while I continue to wonder why people question whether or not the Vita actually has games to purchase on it.  Being that no less than three games release for it on the same exact day, games that people will certainly be interested in in a general sense, it just makes the nay-sayers look increasingly silly.

There is scant amounts of information about Ragnarok Odyssey out there for those so inclined to look into it, and I myself have nosed into them a bit, but not a whole lot.  This game will likely be something that I have to experience to actually be able to understand, to quantify in my head just -how- it works, since I read things and fully understand what they mean, but cannot conjure up a mental image just so.  Perhaps it's because I've had all sorts of other stuff going through my mind lately and just haven't been able to focus on it (which has been an issue, certainly), or maybe it's, again, because I simply haven't delved into the sort of "Monter Hunter-esque" genre of games by any measure.  It's almost blasphemy to say at this point, I suspect, but save for a demo for one of the PSP Monster Hunters, I've not played the games, and any of the 'clones' out there have all been simply demo plays as well.  I really am trying to think of something, anything, and aside from the boss monsters in the Phantasy Star Online/Portable games, I've really not taken down many big things with friends.  It's a weird thought.

Still, it's something that will be remedied come October 30th, when I picked up my version of the game.  I forget the classes, but the Assassin class comes heavily recommended from some fellow talking about the game over at the Playstation Blog (an XSEED fellow, of course) because the threads are nice and it's the fastest class available.  I like that.  I do like to be the guy slamming things with a giant sword or a hammer or the like as well, but being able to run around and slice things up in mere blinks of an eye, well, that's something different entirely.  Like in the upcoming Metal Gear Rising:  REVENGEANCE - getting around seems to be important and quick attacks are your friend as they rack up quickly.  Given the right build and the right focus, you'll be outdamaging even the biggest bruisers around in the long run, or at least I think so.  This will be one of the many things I find out when I get Ragnarok Odyssey!  I'm quite looking forward to it.

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