Monday, October 8, 2012

Platinum Get - Sleeping Dogs

I've talked about my opinion of trophies at length and I'm pretty much not going to rehash that statement again, since it's basically "I like them, they're awesome, they have me do things I wouldn't normally do" and never was that truer but for Sleeping Dogs when I finally got my shiny Platinum Trophy for it earlier.  And I could just say that if there were ever a game that I would -want- to have an actual trophy to display (or a digital one for like Home or something) for getting it in a game, it would be...well, probably Nier.  Or another game.  But Sleeping Dogs would be up there, certainly because it would be a thing that I could look at and invoke fond memories from which is something I think we take for granted a little.  The true beauty of Sleeping Dogs, for me, is that I am retroactively nostalgic for this game already.  I just 'finished' the game earlier today, but I remember all sorts of things as you would only remember a game from years gone past, with the same amount of fondness involved.

I mean, I said it best last week I suspect when I said that I just absolutely love Sleeping Dogs as a game, and I'm certainly going to try and do my best to not just reiterate that over and over again, but it's going to be hard to do, I assure you.  I should start talking about the process of getting the Platinum trophy itself rather than just gushing about the game, considering the topic of this post and all.  I will say that it was pretty much timed well since, when I got it, I was pretty much at that point where any more would have been too much.  My entire remaining bit of the game was:  gambling, driving a car clean for two minutes and delivering all of Tran's cars which was.....quite a lot, really.  More than I had imagined.  Throw in a little purchasing as well when I got the money (It became a non-issue in a hurry with some of Tran's higher-end cars paying off) and it was pretty much a lot of -not- running around and punching mans specifically.  I snuck some of that in, of course since that's the whole focus, but it showed off enough variety in the game, I think.

Those areas were also, more or less, the things I ended up putting off til last for a reason, I realized.  The best source of gambling income, unless the other Mahjong parlor had high stakes, was cockfighting, particularly the west-most spot at the docks where you can throw down a $100,000 bid for a return of twice that, or a cool $100,000 for your winnings total.  With $1,000,000 being the tier for Gold, that's just ten wins that you need, but it is....well, a process that's not very interesting or involved.  It's novel, certainly, but it's pure luck and chance whether or not the rooster you throw money down on will win.  You have no chance for input whatsoever and you need to get 10 wins to get that out of the way.  More if you lose one (since the total is based on your net earnings) so it practically invites save scumming if you are a baby like that.  I am a baby like that.  Because I didn't really want to do the ten to win it (actually more, I had net losses from earlier attempts at Cockfighting without thinking about it) and I certainly wasn't going to add more onto my plate for whenever fate decided to be fickle.

I had a really, really unpleasant experience with the clothes as well, since at one point, I guess I just -didn't- buy the things I meant to buy which lead to a lot of confusion at the tail-end of my quest.  Basically, I hopped in a car and set the markers to the nearest clothes store, went in, bought everything and repeated until I'd gone around the entire place, to each clothing store and stand.  When I reached the last one, I was minus 17 items which required, basically a re-do of that entire process just so I could -actually- buy clothes I'd apparently only looked at ten minutes prior.  It was unpleasant but because of my own inability to pay attention, I suppose, not because of anything the game did or did not do.  But it was one of the myriad of simple tasks I had to finish up before my ultimate goal was received, and with the money I'd made from the other jobs, it was a simple enough matter.  I ended with quite a hefty sum anyway and still had cars to pick up and deliver -after- that.  It was, in fact, a delivered car that offered me my last bit of completion that granted me three trophies at once - the one for getting all the jobs complete, the one for getting 100% completion and, of course, the Platinum trophy.  It was a sweet moment and made all the better as I drove to the highest-end apartment you get on the west-end, let Wei get some rest, saved and got out of it to sync.

I think that's really the best way to leave it until the start of six months of DLC comes out, since there will apparently be story content within its offerings and that will likely be all I'm interested in.  I'm all for supporting the devs and such, but I don't have the money for luxury packs at the moment, and not even the time for the story ones I'm getting.  But, so long as it's actual, weighty amounts of content, then United Front Games has my money because I'll gladly do what I can to further the success of this game that I am simply enamored with.  It's thematic, I think, to just put Wei to bed as I'm putting the game to bed for a time - I have to move on to other games to clear out my backlog some, unfortunately.  I'd love to toy around in Sleeping Dogs' sandbox a little more, because it's honestly just enjoyable, but there's things to be done.  Rather than insult you all with a "Letting Sleeping Dogs lie" play on words here, I'm just going to point out that I could, but didn't, and then bid you a good night.

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