Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Retro City Rampage is Too Awesome, Words Fail Me

I never do this.  Ever.  Or at least not in the year and change that I've been doing this blog.  I just want to preface this.

I cannot quantify Retro City Rampage with words right now.  There are words circling in my head, words that are itching to be put to keys to be put to whitespace on a computer screen, but I just can't do it.  Not right now at least.  So I'm just going to throw this up and perhaps come back to it later, I don't know.  Possibly edit in some -actual- thoughts and such when I can actually form them, but for now, all I can do is announce the high praise that is "I cannot stop playing this game for long enough to think about words.".  Because I think that -is- high praise indeed.  Seriously, if you have the cash, go buy it, or if you have the PS3, get the demo.  (There's not one for the Vita)  You really don't -need- a demo, I don't think, but if you worry even slightly that my taste and yours might diverge on this, then by all means.  But at the very least, give it a shot.

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