Sunday, August 19, 2012

'The World Ends With You Too' is a Possibility

Okay, probably not with that title, but I really couldn't resist it after the latest piece of news I got off of Siliconera.  Apparently there is a new teaser site up with the URL of 'subaseka' and as of this writing, it seems to have a countdown of...uhh, really soon.  Like as soon as I post this, I'll have to edit it with news of just what the hell it ended up being.  If my internet is willing to cooperate, of course, since it's taking forever to load this damn page.  Nothing important or anything, of course.  Just kind of want to know what the hell I'm supposed to be seeing as opposed to what I am seeing.  It is....somewhat important, after all, being that this is something I want to write about.  Anyways, what you are -supposed- to see on the page is an image that looks quite suspiciously like things seen in The World Ends With You and is, after all, apparently the teaser page for a project that involves both Gen Kobayashi and Tetsuya Nomura, or at least characters created by them.  Which keeps the umbrella for TWEWY open, of course.

I don't think there's really any doubt that this -is- going to be a TWEWY project and with what's being thrown down here, I would highly doubt that it's something as banal as like an iOS port of the game, but I wouldn't quite put that past Squeenix.  Regardless, more TWEWY is something that I have heard the outer edges of the internet clamoring for for a few years, and I really....don't understand the why around it.  I've played The World Ends With You after proudly grabbing it up for my collection, as it is, apparently a really rare and great game, and I put it into my DS as soon as I was done with Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (which I picked up at the same time) and...well, I tried playing.  That's as charitable as I can be with talking about the game since it is...unique in that aspect.  Not only is there a big amount of cutscenes and exposition at the start, none of it seems to really mean a whole lot, and the actual gameplay is really out there.

I assume that it is one of those games that is a slow-starter, but once you really get it, you get it and I was hoping for that, but there was just no way I could manage it.  With the fighting system for the game relying entirely too much on the stylus in ways that are entirely too similar to one another, it's hard to make the game specifically do this or that when you want it.  A swipe is taken as a poke so your flame strike translates as a lightning bolt and when you start getting into enemies with affinities and the like, well, it -kind of poses a problem-.  Beyond that, the story wasn't nearly as gripping enough from the start to make me want to dip more into it, coming off more as seeming urgent for the sake of it than meaning -anything-, but again, perhaps I was just frustrated with it.  Regardless, if this pans out to a sequel, it could be a good time to throw the game in again and try to run it once more.

Just to get this out of the way before the page updates, I would really suspect this to end up being the long-awaited sequel announcement.  There really isn't anything else I think it could be beyond a port announcement and that would cause a rather tepid reaction for an entire teaser thing and the like.  Of course it'll be a 3DS game, since the game admittedly was pretty tailor-made for the DS (which isn't exactly high-praise considering how it was done) and by those virtues, I pretty much won't care unless when I play TWEWY again, it amazes me.  I highly doubt that happens.  But we must be open to any possibility and such, I suppose, since everything has the chance to surprise you if you really don't expect it to.  Or....something like that.

I do wonder as to the name, however, as "The World Ends With You Too" seems a little too....expected, I guess?  It's a play on both the title and the expectation of a sequel carrying 2 since 2 is two is too, but I'm going to be surprised if that's what they go with.  Maybe they'll change 'World' with something else, something more personal or grander as a scale.  But beyond all that, I can't really give a rough estimate of anything about the game since my own experience with the first one was limited and not particularly enjoyed nor remembered.  Again, maybe I shouldn't bring it up in that case, but hey, not like there's much else to talk about here, news-wise or otherwise.  So, not much else to say then, as it simply becomes a waiting game for the site to update and show off whatever the game is.  And then..maybe wait for some other site to translate it unless it's pretty goddamn blatant.

Update!:  Oh sure, after I post this, the site friggin' fixes itself.  Look for the announcement next week, kiddos.  And enjoy that music, since it is pretty neat.  I do believe it is reminiscent of TWEWY, but I'm probably not the most reliable person on that.  I should note that the site seems to be Time Zone sensitive, so this is EST I'm working from.  Might be a couple hours yet for you West Coasters.

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