Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just Doing a Bit of Maintenence Tonight

Because I'm a bit bothered by stuff tonight as usual, as well as having a bit of troubles with my allergies, I think I'm just going to spend a few hours going through the backlog of posts and doing a little work with them.  Resizing/relinking pictures, just doing a bit of tidying up and the like because I do see the virtue in doing that, in going back and treating old posts like the newer ones.  I also have just been putting off dicking around with old posts in general for far too long unless I link to them in a new post or something of the sort.  Simply because it is a bit of a chore to go into the blogger....-thing-, whatever it is where you have access to everything and tick off post after post after post.  But doing them all now might just get me in the habit of keeping up on them in the future so I don't have to do another big thing of this.

The pictures is really one of the more important bits for me, as I've toyed around with resolutions and figured that, for my current layout which I'm likely not going to change dramatically, tweaking the resolutions of most pictures to 520x293-ish (depends on the base picture, generally 400x225 is how it is when you set it to large, then manually altering the HTML to the new numbers which are just 1.3x bigger a piece) is the sweet spot.  They're nice and big at that size without being, I think, -too- big, and they definitely do not break the barriers at that point as setting them to X-Large or, in most cases, Original Size, would do.  This is also where my Flickr for Kupowered comes in handy, as some pictures (generally the ones I take on the Vita) are hosted through that thanks to the mostly terrible Flickr App for Vita.  (Seriously, if you try and look at a picture in the app, it crashes it.  It's only good for uploading.)  They have a resolution that is 500 by something which, as you can tell, is just about in line with what I figure on anyway, so that certainly works for me.  Anything to make it easier on my end, I guess, since I can throw those in, slam "Original Size" and be done with it just that simple.

Something else I'm considering is cribbing an idea from Chance and getting together a post that is where I keep the reviews I've done.  Or, rather, handy links to the actual review posts themselves so you can just take a look, click, and find out just how the game tickled my fancy.  Since it may also tickle your fancy in much the same way.  And then there will be much fancy tickling.  ...I'll stop that now.  Thing about that is that I haven't actually done very many proper Reviews (the actual number as of this writing is, in all honesty, probably 9) so it seems like some work to do for what is, basically, "Here is what I think of nine games."  Perhaps when I get a few more up, I'll do up the post or I'll take some of my other posts that are -basically- reviews and do up a section in said Review Repository thread for that purpose.  I mean, I'm getting close to 600 posts here, so I'm well-beyond the point where a little more organization and quick-reference is necessary.

Beyond that, I probably won't mess with a whole lot.  Now that I've done this for a while, my Tags list has piled up so I might throw a few extra ones onto posts where required, but that's about it.  Really, I've been putting this off much like the other stuff to do with the blog itself.  For at least two different posts, I just need to do a bit of research and a bit of effort into some things before I can actually just bring them up as posts, but I just haven't done them because I've found it easier to just pick something out of the news.  Of course, the news has been a bit scarce through the summer, less the deluges of things here and there, so it has been a risky strategy of late.  Though I still maintain that it's a good sign that I can sit here and -want- to write something, even if the what seems a bit sketchy for far too long because nothing interesting or relevant personally has happened and/or is pointed out at places I trust.  So, with any luck, I'll be able to get at least a bit of that stuff worked out so I can do something a bit different than lately.

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