Tuesday, August 7, 2012

'Rain' and 'Until Dawn' Are Things, I Am Curious

Reading up on the various news sites I frequent of a night to pick out something to write about if I don't already have something, (Which I kind of do, but I still have to prepare in the little free time I find myself with lately) I came across a post on Joystiq that pointed out trademarks from Sony and couldn't help but take a second glance.  It's Sony, after all, and the two trademarks, "Rain" and "Until Dawn" are things that I have not heard of.  Considering there is both the PS3 and the Vita that I am known to enjoy and own, and new things (generally translating into New IPs) are always good, this is good news.  Especially if either project ends up being for the Vita which could use a little more obvious support since all the support it -is- getting is conveniently being ignored.  So smart money is just to keep saying things are going to be on it until people -can't- say "Vita has no gaems" (as they did with the PS3 years ago) without getting called out on it.

The trademarks are very little help, unfortunately, as they don't, in any form or shape, specify whether or not the games are going to be for the likely easier-to-develop-for-at-this-point PS3, or the please-develop-for-this-because-it's-awesome Vita.  Easy money is on PS3 only or both, but I'm really leaning to at least -one- of the games being a Vita game at the core of it.  I'm pretty sure Sony has said the upcoming Gamescom is a place they want to show the Vita off more because of the lackluster showing it ended up getting at E3, but that might just be a fever dream of mine.  Easily could be, rather.  What this games end up being, however, is anyone's guess as there isn't a whole lot beyond the above image for the game known only as 'Rain' at this point.  If....that wasn't obvious.  Except....well there -is- something, but the validity of it is quite in question, given that it is basically conjecture.  Then again, everything here is as well.

The Joystiq post links through to another post that has a Gif showing off a rather cool little scene capped off with a Quick-Time Event featuring very obvious Playstation Button prompts, suggesting it is an early build of 'Rain'.  Watch it a few times to appreciate it, knowing full well that it could very well be an entirely different project, and that it could likely be something that -doesn't- get announced any time soon.  Still, we can hope.  And I do hope that you have studied it at least a little bit, because now I ask:  Does it seem a little familiar?  Not the look or anything like that, of course, since it could be safely disregarded from being early, and it's a low-res gif anyway.  What I want you to focus on is the animations, the movement, does any of that seem familiar to you?  Because I see, possibly through the power of suggestion, something that looks a lot like inFamous 2's engine with some obvious tweaks to it.  This does raise the obvious question of "What -has- Sucker Punch been doing since inFamous 2?"  The answer that we know it, is, basically "Festival of Blood and.....?"  So I am certainly interested now.

As for what the Gif shows, it depicts something deliciously futuristic, which is definitely an area that some consider over-done where others, like me, have barely seen a dip into it and want more, more and more of it.  It's hard to not say it borders on Blade Runner (I mean, just look at it, there are slowly spinning fans in the background) which needs to be in more and more games, and it shows off a pretty involved melee system as well as what I'm using the powers of conjecture to assume is something to do, perhaps, with stealth.  That little drop the guy character does from the arch or mini-tunnel and the stance afterwards is classic stealth positioning with just what little we have to see, which would just add to the deliciousness.  I think, even if this game isn't "Rain" it is definitely a game that I want, that I certainly yearn for, and I cannot wait to see what comes of it if it is not, in fact, 'Rain'.  Despite how it is very obviously raining which is something you would want to do in the trailer for a game named 'Rain'.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing for the game listed as 'Until Dawn' which leads to me doing a whole lot of nothing for it.  A point in its favor is that the European Trademark form lists "hand-held electronic games" in one of the several goods and services sections which would suggest that out of the two, this one would be a Vita game if anything.  But it lists a ton of other stuff as well compared to the same form for 'Rain' which just reminds me that I have no goddamn clue what I'm talking about with all this.  I am basically just extrapolating what I want, because I just saw the Gif, saw the Sucker Punch connection, and just really wanted to write -something- about it all.  Next week is Sony's conference at GamesCom, so there is definitely a good chance for that to be the first time we'll officially hear anything about either of these possible games.  I know what I'll be hoping for, certainly.

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