Friday, June 1, 2012

I Should Be Doing a Big E3 Post...

....But I can't help but watch this Metal Gear Rising:  REVENGEANCE trailer.  Again and again and again and again.  Honestly, though, can you blame me?  Just watch it yourself and tell me that either A) That is not something you would watch over and over again or B) You at least understand why it's something that I am compulsively watching and re-watching.  Because at least one of those two responses has to be true for you unless you're just a new reader who just so happens to dislike the direction in which REVENGEANCE (all caps every time) is going with all the freedom of being a side-story that doesn't feature Snake as a main character can offer.  In which case, Hi!  Thanks for reading.  Now tolerate my incoherent ramblings of how much I love everything about the game, or read any of my other non-Metal Gear Rising related posts, of which there are probably hundreds at this point.

If it's not obvious by this point, I have pretty much grown to love everything about REVENGEANCE since the last time I talked about it which was basically when it was revealed.  Since that point, I've grown more and more giddy for the game by the day, and with this new trailer for the game, it almost seems like sweet sweet vindication for being so excited about it.  Granted, I doubt a whole lot has -really- changed, aside from it seeming a lot faster paced (certainly the hitting things who don't instantly fall apart is there - see the part of the video where Raiden wails on that guy with....a naginata?) but it does do a good job of being high-intensity.  So much so that I feel like I have to calm down from watching it (be it my enthusiasm or because I'm drawn into it that much) to be able to actually write anything about it as I am now.  And even now, it's still running....just in the background.  So I'm just listening to the narration of it alongside Depeche Mode's "Wrong" out of friggin' nowhere.

I will applaud the trailer's usage of the 'zan-datsu' mode that has managed to stay in the game and be utilized properly despite the drastic overhaul of the core gameplay.  Even though I -know- that I won't be able to do that to -every- enemy (at least, not before wailing on them ala "Every other Action Game"), knowing that I -can- do that eventually is quite the payoff - especially since they've shown it used in some stealthy ways.  On top of that, the speedy parkour, the aerial juggles, the spinning a Gecko by an unbreakable chain, it's all wonderful and was used rather masterfully if I do say so.  This is pretty much the perfect "Get Hype" trailer, though I admit that I am incredibly biased in saying that considering, well, I just love this game already, despite not even really being well-versed in Platinum  I have yet to grab Vanquish, my copy of Bayonetta sits un-played considering it's the PS3 version, my backlog and the fact that I'm not playing my PS3 until we get some cool days, and my time with MadWorld has and continues to be short, but rather sweet.

Maybe it's that level of unfamiliarity that makes this perfect for me, however.  I can go into this unspoiled by their previous works to just take what's here at face value because I can have that faith.  I'm told Platinum Games are rather masterful with action games, as the constant praise for Bayonetta being 'the best action game to date' will attest to, and they certainly know how to make a trailer.  The game mechanics are solid in that you -cut- and things -die-, wherein the challenge and the gameplay comes in to describe the how, the difficulty to do that, and to etch out just how satisfying it will be.  Going into this with nothing, I can just take it as it is and imagine it's very satisfying considering that, unless something changes from now and release, you can at least cut a few things in the environment to whichever angle you desire, making anything a tool of destruction in your capable hands.  Again, I point you to the trailer at the point where Raiden cuts through a pillar to cut a guy in half, as well as the part where the leg of a radio tower or something gets cut up and then it moves to something big (presumably the thing that just had its leg cut) falling onto a car.  Presumably because it was cut.  By Raiden.

I think it's indicative that, out of -everything- that's been leaked, announced and said as a possibility, this is the -only thing- that I can talk about tonight.  I can't form cohesive thoughts about anything else because I'm just stuck on this trailer, so I'm not going to try.  I can't even say anything about Resistance:  Burning Skies, despite beating it today, because it's like "Psh, whatever, REVENGEANCE TRAILER".  So, yeah, I hate to say it, but that's all for me tonight.  I'll be playing Burning Skies again ala the New Game+ and will likely get through it again so I'll be well prepared to talk about it tomorrow. least, that's the plan.  I'm not sure if it'll be a review or just a straight-talk about the game because it doesn't really....invoke a whole lot.  I'm sure if I were assigned to review it, it would be a challenge, far beyond simply finding the words, which makes me hesitant to attempt it.  We'll see what formulates, however.  For now, I'm just going to watch this a few more times and imagine all the ways I will cut fools with this game.

Update!:  It's worth mentioning (which is funny considering I've meant to mention it for two nights in a row and forgot to edit it in) that anyone who purchases Zone of the Enders HD Collection gets Early Rising Demo Access, but whether that's in the form of the disk containing the demo, or merely coming with a download code is unknown at this point.  I'm hoping for the former, of course, since the demo is likely going to be a couple gigs, but it will likely be the latter.  As such, it won't have any impact whatsoever on my intention to get the Zone of the Enders HD Collection (Though it might push me to double-dip as I was starting to think I might just wait for the Vita version, and barring some terrible porting I am -definitely- getting the Vita version), but if the stars align and I get to play the demo just by putting in the disk, then that would be a great bonus.  Definitely something to keep an ear to the ground about.

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