Thursday, March 1, 2012

Playstation Vita "Game Heaven" Event Is Coming

Pictured:  Some games.  There is actually a point to the picture, as told below.

So, depending on who you ask, one of the 'problems' with the Playstation Vita is the lack of games exclusively for the system, which is kind of just ignoring the wealth of titles the thing already has (for the American launch at least).  Of course, if you focus that a bit and say there's not a whole lot of really 'japanese' games on the system, you're much closer.  Touch My Katamari, the above pictured Dynasty Warriors Next, Shinobido 2, these are pretty much the top titles for Japanese influences, whereas the more popular games, Uncharted:  Golden Abyss, Rayman Origins, and Wipeout 2048, are more Western-focused.  Of course, if you took all the games that are out and separated them, you're likely to get a pretty even divide, but regardless, it's a perceived problem if not a real one which is just as bad as a real one.  Regardless, after March 9th, that issue might be a little bit closer to solved with the Playstation Vita "Game Heaven" Web Presentation, an event that has promised to show off and announce some Playstation Vita titles among other things that are Vita-specific.

Of course, it won't be -just- games, or at least that's what Siliconera says, but include services as well.  I don't comment on services and/or apps a lot, but a little digging found me this bit of information, showing the Nico Nico Douga (sort of like the Japanese answer to youtube) app in motion, while also saying that a future version will allow Video Game Streaming.  I'm sure I've made Points A and B clear here, so I'll just say that I wouldn't be surprised if that comes up in the presentation as a service what is upcoming.  This is a Japanese conference, of course and I should feel the need to point that out first and fore-most, so the majority of the things announced will likely only affect Japan right off, if they affect the other territories at all.  That sort of fell into my lap, however, so I can't really comment on any other sorts of services or the like that I could foresee coming out of this whole thing.  But I'm sure I can make a few ideas for games pop out.  I am generally bad at predictions, but we all know how I just love to try regardless.

Squeenix is likely the first company that anyone's going to think of for this type of thing, and I'd say that it's almost mandatory for them to make an appearance to show something off.  Just as to what they could show off is where the variety kicks in, but there are a few pretty easy suggestions.  The first would be the one that points out just how much Squeenix likes money, as it would be them announcing their intent to remake their PSP Classic titles as Vita games with full consideration for the entire control set available.  This likely won't include Dissidia, Final Fantasy Tactics, or something else that's already on the store, but rather be for things that are notoriously missing (at least in the west, at least).  Crisis Core, Birth By Sleep, Possibly the Star Oceans, I wouldn't be surprised if Type-0 isn't announced for this as well, and that's how we would get the game, of course, rather than as a PSP title.  Sort of the "I can't wait to buy it!  Again!" theory in practice, but damned if it wouldn't work.

Another idea is, obviously, continuing on the Dissidia series on the Vita, since they're content to use the universe for the 3DS as well with Theatrythm.  They did, however, say that future titles in the Dissidia series would probably not use the same format as Dissidia had, so it's not likely to expect a Dissidia 011 or whatever that would be a prequel to the prequel of Duodecim 012 and somehow have more characters like Duodecim had over the original (which was apparently the thirteenth cycle, as Duodecim was the 12th and the less time spent thinking about it the better).  I've thrown around the idea of having an SRPG set in the universe (with far more characters, hopefully) and I honestly think it would be one of the best things that could come from the franchise.  Of course, they could go another route with it entirely ala Theatrythm if they go anywhere with it at all.

If there's any company you'd expect right alongside Squeenix, it's gonna be Capcom, especially because this is a Vita event and Capcom did have a little bit of success with the PSP.  Just a tiny bit, of course.  Facetiousness aside, Nintendo's had their time to shine with the Monster Hunter franchise and Capcom being Capcom will want this thing on as many venues as possible for maximum profit, so an iteration of Monster Hunter, be it an up-ported 3 or just Monster Hunter 4 or -something- is almost guaranteed.  This is honestly not a hard prediction to make, more for the fact that it's more likely to happen than it isn't and if it doesn't happen, I'd suspect Capcom will lose a -lot- of the good-will they've built up, simply because people are just -expecting- a Monster Hunter title for Vita, regardless of whether or not there's going to be one on the 3DS by way of the ridiculous second stick circle pad addition.  All we have for the time in between is Freedom Unite, which while everyone is likely getting a second wind out of it thanks to the Vita's re-mapping feature, it won't last forever.

The last company I'll suggest will be present (though there'll be more than these three, clearly) is gotta be Sega.  They're a little busy working on Yakuza 5 and finishing up Black Panther 2, but I'm sure they can think of something to release on the thing.  It might be a bit too much to hope for a Black Panther collection on the Vita with 2 not even out, but never discount the ways Sega will go out of their way to make you wanna scratch your head in confusion.  Speaking of 'collections', throwing together Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3 for the Vita is certainly an idea, both games packed with all their post-release stuff as well as being slightly tweaked.  It practically writes itself how profitable a move that could be which, I suppose, would be the exact reason why Sega wouldn't do it, but we can hope at least.  I don't doubt we'll see them there in any event, as they might just show up to show off Samurai & Dragons stuff, but I can always just hope until I can't anymore because, as Yakuza 3 proved, sometimes hope works.

But probably not.

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