Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dragon's Crown - What's Going On With It?

This post is mostly for Chance who has quite the penchant for Vanillaware games, and after seeing a couple stories for the game today, I wanted to make sure he got the full story, since one of them was rather worrying.  I mean, really, for a game where information has been scarce at best, the news that Amazon cancelled pre-orders for it is pretty much "Uh-oh" news, even though Amazon doing this is pretty common practice.  And, indeed, they're not the only ones as there was a similar story for The Last Guardian late last year, wherein GameStop's nebulous 'system' decided to exclude TLG for not having a firm release date.  It's understandable, of course, but it does make for a rather awful day when this happens because the mere notion of a game you want enough to have put money down on it months in advance is disheartening at the very least.

Fortunately, as was the same story with TLG, the cancellation rumors were swiftly put to rest, though not without some lingering confusion.  "Regarding Dragon's Crown, although there are lots of rumors and conjecture, it's still in development. Please wait patiently for an official update." is basically all the news we have on its continued existence and development which, if you think about it, ain't really much.  With TLG, there's only one version of the game, so we don't have to worry all that much; if they say it still exists, then it still exists.  But for a game that comes on two platforms, you have to wonder if lack of news and pre-order cancellations means that that number will get shaved a bit.  Not that I'm saying I expect that, because I certainly don't, but reading the comments (something you should never do) for the two articles did bring it up as a possibility.  Mostly because it is; because pretty much -anything- is a possibility at this point, simply because we don't know anything otherwise.

With Grand Knights History on floppy ground - officially on hold until Dragon's Crown is released - and now Dragon's Crown's future being a little weird, it's hard telling just what's up.  They could be pretty much unrelated, however.  If the problem solely lies with Dragon's Crown, then of course the development there would hope up that of Grand Knights History, but a reverse case could be true of course; perhaps in an attempt to bring out Grand Knights History in Non-Japan, they're working at porting the game to the Vita, using assets and such from Dragon's Crown to try and streamline the process as much as possible.  Is it a little overly hopeful and likely not the case?  Probably.  But there's just something -up- with all this and I'm not sure waiting for an 'official update' on this whole thing will be a prompt matter, all things considered.  Blind conjecture probably isn't the way to go, though.

Regardless, the facts are that Dragon's Crown is not cancelled (as the cancellation of Amazon Pre-orders might've lead some to believe) and it's still being developed in some capacity.  Official updates are forth-coming in the sense that someone actually working on the game had to say, via Twitter, "Please wait patiently for them", which means forth-coming likely doesn't mean 'soon'.  Still, we can all hope because the game itself looks rather wonderful, albeit with a few bits I could take or leave, art style-wise.  (Yeah, you know exactly what I'm talking about)  And the game seems to implement the Vita's extra features in a useful, unobtrusive way like Rayman Origins, counting on you to examine the backdrops that have been so lovingly crafted for their respective games.  At least, that's how I remember it - hopefully that hasn't changed somewhere along the road.

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