Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Goddamnit, Atlus, I Don't Have Money or Time

While the actual content of the Playstation Store Update today is a little lackluster (Unless you like MMA, or are interested in Closure), it did bring with it the above Atlus price drops on virtually all of their PSP games which have, as you can see, hovered around full price for a while now.  Being a Price Drop event, it certainly means that we shouldn't expect the prices to go back up, as if it were a sale, but at the same time, these are fantastic prices for really good games and I want them.  Like all of them.  Maybe.  Definitely the Persona games (I might, in fact, bite on P3P tonight since I still have $20 in my PSN Wallet after buying Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 9 on sale last week in preparation for PSOne support on the Vita) and the allure of "Kenka Bancho Badass Rumble" is strong, what with being likely the closest I'll ever get to a Yakuza game on PSP (and Vita for now).  Since it is a brawler in at least a similar vein, I believe, or at least that's what "Badass Rumble" would suggest to me, along with seeing a bit of it back in the day.

In all honesty, though, now that I think about it, the only games I really know anything worth measuring about are the Persona ones, Kenka Bancho, and a little of Class of Heroes where the rest might as well be a complete mystery to me.  For some reason, I think I remember holding Knights in the Nightmare in my hands a few times because it came with a free digital copy of a game (Might've even been Yggdra Union), but I never bit and I guess this would be why.  Also the fact that I think it coins itself as a Bullet Hell SRPG, which I don't even....I can't really grasp that.  Really something of a "Not sure if want" situation and maybe if I find myself with a surplus of cash, I'll jump into it, but I don't foresee that happening, so it will likely go as an unknown quantity to me for a while yet.

The fact is that I'm going to buy the Persona games.  Not all at once, not right away, but eventually.  After Eternal Punishment comes over along with Persona 4:  The Golden, I, like many others, dream to have a Vita that is full of every Persona title in the series.  If just because it's a possibility, rather than a practicality.  But the fact that they're all very good games in their own legitimate ways certainly helps, of course.  It may be a little excessive, especially when I question my ability to play the titles before 3 since their gameplay is apparently....aherm, 'dated', considering how old they are, but I do plan on giving them all a fair shake.  Being that I've already given Persona 3 a shake, technically speaking, it should be easy enough to do the others since I liked P3 minus the OCD that came over me, making me want to get the best of everything on the first run which, as we know, is a fool's errand.  -I- even know it, but it didn't stop me from trying like crazy, mind you, and ultimately souring the game for myself a bit in the process.  Hopefully with P3P's different take, it won't be so bad and I'll be able to actually relax with it some.

The real wrinkle here is that, like so many other PSP games, it seems Persona 1 and Persona 3 Portable are just not in the Vita's version of the Playstation Store.  Apparently, if you buy it on your PS3, you can check your download list and download at least P3P right there (likely the same with Persona 1 as well, since it seems as if there was just a delisting error with the price change with those two as several people have claimed both games were on the store prior to today) on your Vita without having to deal with the work around a good portion of PSP games require in downloading the game to your PS3 first and then transferring it over.  Of course, this is something that can be remedied and likely will be eventually, but for those that don't have the convenience of owning a PS3, it's a rather large hurdle, so large that it is in fact impassable.  Which is terribly unfortunate.

Still, as I said, the wording of "Price Drop" seems to indicate that these are, indeed, the new prices for the games from this day forward, thus not necessitating any form of a rush.  There's no subtext, no asterisks, nothing pointing out that it's a limited time deal or anything of the sort, so for the folks who can't really capitalize at the moment aren't missing out too badly.  Of course, if they want to play Persona 3 Portable right now, or one of the other similarly inaccessible titles, they're fairly out of luck for now, but again, here's hoping that that's cleared up swiftly, if the rumblings of the games actually being on the store before today were correct.  The question for me, however, is whether or not I have the fortitude to resist buying anything included, because I have entirely too many other games to focus on currently.  My window for completing Yakuza:  Dead Souls is...looking pretty good, actually, as the temperatures don't look all too hot for the coming week.  But it won't last like that for long, and once that closes off, I still do have three Vita games to keep me busy, technically.  With more coming in the next few months, even.  The point is, as I've made it several times before, there are simply too many games this year.

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  1. Don't feel too bad about Kenka Bancho - as I recall it got pretty meh reviews.