Sunday, March 25, 2012

Music! K-Pop Edition

I'm gonna be honest with you guys, as I always am - It's been pretty hard to write posts the last few nights.  Not only because of all the normal Spring stuff (which doesn't help, I assure), but because I have fallen into the trap that is K-Pop and I can't pull myself out.  And when I say trap, it's fairly misleading, because it's not so much that I sit and watch the videos for the songs over and over again, unable to do anything else, but more that, while I'm listening to them, I can't bring myself to do anything else.  Even now, sat here at 11:29 after I started the post an hour ago, all I do is try and struggle for the words while the lyrics to the last song I'll show off play in the background, almost mocking me for my inability to form sentences reliably.  So instead of letting it wrack at me, I figure the best idea is simply to share and hope that, in doing so, you'll all just understand what I mean.

First up is a song that I don't even remember -when- I got into it, but I'm pretty sure it was a while ago, and I know exactly who linked me to it.  And she will pay for it at an undetermined point in the future.  I find that it's pretty hard to really think of a lot of concise things to say before and after these videos because, well, there is not a lot to say.  Most of them, I don't know -why- I keep watching/listening to them other than apparently liking them, but even then, I can't really place the -why-.  But I guess that we simply like what we like, and I shouldn't worry about it too much, since it clearly isn't doing anything but making me think more on things that I clearly cannot control.  Anyways, this is "I AM THE BEST" by 2NE1.  (Spoiler alert:  They are not the best.)

The first time I remember seeing the video, I had absolutely know idea what the hell, and while I still don't, at least I'm inured to it.  I remember distinctly getting to the end of the video, thoroughly confused by everything that I'd seen and, at the part where they shoot out their logo in the giant obsidian pyramid or whatever it is, I just said, "Sure, silver assault rifles, whatever" because over the course of three and a half minutes, the absurdity had gone from confusing to blas√©, which honestly is impressive on its own merits.  And just when I thought it couldn't get crazier, just recently I stumbled across the Japanese version of the song, which you might have seen the tweets I made about it.  After sleeping on it, I have determined that yes, the video was the culprit and not the lack of sleep alongside it.

Next up is from a group that I've actually 'featured' before, in a sense, back in October of last year, which is....way earlier than I figured.  Have I really been listening to K-Pop for that long?  It doesn't seem like that long, but "Good-bye Baby" is one of the songs that really made me -start- listening to K-Pop semi-reliably.  Regardless, it was fairly recently that I started to stray away from the mainstays that I'd been listening to and the next song I'm showing off is the result of one of those ventures off into the unknown.  It is, as I said before, from Miss A and it's called "Breathe" for reasons that become more or less obvious during the song.  (Spoiler alert:  No it doesn't.)

"Breathe" is the second of three songs by Miss A that I have listened to (the third one being "Bad Girl, Good Girl" on the recommended list if you watch "Breathe" on youtube itself, which I'm only a partial fan of) and it's sort of like how I find all the other stuff I really start listening to.  I find one song by a group or a band or whatever, listen to it -constantly-, and then finally branch out a little, picking a few other songs of theirs and listening to them in succession to see what the next one will be that I play the hell out of.  As you can tell, I went from Good-Bye, Baby to this and may yet go from this to "Bad Girl, Good Girl", depending on how it grows on me.  If not, well, there is assuredly plenty of other songs by them that I simply haven't looked into whatsoever that have the potential to make me wonder why I can't stop listening to them.

The last song is from a group that I honestly don't even have to name because if you have perused the internet and have ever listened to a K-Pop song, it is likely that that song was "Gee" by Girls' Generation.  In fact, the post I linked to earlier, Chance linked me to "Gee" and, having listened to it before, I figured it wouldn't trap me as it is wont to do.  I was completely wrong and paid for it by listening to Gee for approximately three hours straight that night and semi-reliably ever since.  Since I may or may not have put it on my PSP which replaced my iPod as a music device once the battery in my iPod started getting really crappy.  Like "won't work for an hour straight, really need to get the battery replaced but god am I lazy and it's expensive" crappy.  Unfortunately, my PSP is heading down that road as well, but with any luck I won't be quite so lazy with that, or I'll find a firesale Go that I can use for that purpose, among others.  Regardless, enough of that, here's "The Boys" by Girls' Generation which is quite possibly the most embarrassing of the three to admit to listening/watching.

Be advised, the actual song doesn't really start until about 1:07 into the video because there's all sorts of artsy filler beforehand or something.  Doves and snow or stuff like that, I didn't really pay attention, nor do I even pretend to care, clearly.  I....really, really don't have to say anything to this one.  I'm sure you get just why I can't not watch/listen to this after you yourself have watched/listened to it.  Just like Gee, you simply cannot look away, no matter how much you want to.  Because believe me, I would love to be able to not listen to this for hours on end, because I would be so much more productive if I did not.  But alas, this is what I'm stuck with for now, so I guess I'll enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

Which is probably going to be a while.

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