Sunday, June 2, 2013


I have no problems admitting that I sort of cheated with the portable post that I made earlier.  Specifically, if you will note, it claims to have been posted on the first even though we know I didn't post on the first because it was fucking storming and I didn't want to worry about shit that night.  So I wrote it up tonight and even though I feel like I lost my point completely, I posted it and it's there.  I'm done thinking about it.  I'm done caring about it.

I don't know why, but it's been a miserable few weeks and it's just not really letting up.  Rather, I could understand why I might've been down before, but now, I really don't get it.  All I've done for the last few days is watch Youtube Let's Play videos on my Vita and....that's about it.  I've been tempted to play games, but outside of a frustrating little bout with Soul Sacrifice, trying to try out the DLC, nothing has really happened.  I played Dragon's Dogma:  Dark Arisen some today before my PS3 sounded like it was about to achieve flight, but I was honestly done at that point anyway.  Though, it did give me a story that will be made into a post at some point.

I feel like I do this a lot.  Really, I feel like I've done this a lot -lately-, just going on about how I feel shitty and such.  It's become something of a real problem.  I don't know if it'll really work itself out, to be honest, but it's not really something I can do much about, either.  So, all I can really say that if post quality or whatever starts to drop or what have you, well, you know why.  Sorry in advance for that.  Hopefully shaking a few things up (perhaps doing more story posts) and doing things that I -really- enjoy doing because of the process involved will help.

So, yeah.  I kind of just wanted to do a post pointing out that I cheated with the portability post, but I only did it because it honestly -should- have gone up May 31st, but I felt crappy and couldn't post it last night.  Also give a heads up that I was in a mood again.  One of those things might be important.  It is probably the former thing.  No, it's definitely the former thing.

I'm also cheating with this post but shh

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