Monday, June 10, 2013

Sony's E3. Hot. Damn.

So, the presser was pretty much -all- about the PS4 which, as a Vita fan makes me sad sad sad.  Still, we did get Destiny of Spirits announced, and with the Indie Push, I would hope most, if not all, of those indie titles also end up on Vita (as well as some others that are current) and there is still plenty of time to announce things on the showroom floor.  Though, I suppose we might have to wait for TGS to see the likes of Gravity Rush 2 announced.  Also....probably all the other stuff I suggested since most of it is Japan-centric anyway.

Except a new Vita God of War/Uncharted.  Come on.  Give me -something- here.

Regardless, Sony came out swinging with the PS4 and I shouldn't have to point out how.

Hot.  Damn.

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