Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tonight's A Writing Night!

It's been fairly weird lately, in that I just haven't found myself with a lot of actual free time at night which is generally when I take care of this blog and whatever else I can see fit to do before I head off to bed.  I've been spending a longer-than-normal amount of time on my posts lately which has lead to me sort of neglecting everything else since, by the time I'm done writing them, I don't want to write anything else, which is sort of a problem considering I have other things that I want to write.  Of course, it's not the fault of the blog or my desire to....stay consistent or anything, so much as it's simply me procrastinating and generally being a lazybutt.  I tend to finish a blogpost and then either pick up my 3DSXL or Vita and play a bit, kick back and listen to music or read up on a Let's Play to unwind.  Like the very, very excellent Ogre Battle 64 Let's Play over at the LP Archive.

Considering the only thing news-worthy is the fact that both Muramasa Rebirth and Hotline Miami come out this week according to The Drop at the Playstation Blog, alongside Deadpool which I unfortunately won't be picking up, there's not really enough to talk about.  I've not played Muramasa for the Wii, mostly because it was on the Wii, and I haven't even allowed myself to delve into anything beyond the bare surface of Hotline Miami.  I want my experience Tuesday or Wednesday to be as-new, un-touched by the outside world except for the few things that I do know - the fact that it's ultra-violent and the fact that it's ultra-awesome.  Which, to be honest, the latter is what prompted me to be excited about the opportunity to play Hotline Miami on my Vita, and the $9.99 pricetag for a Cross-Buy on the PS3/Vita versions of the game were just the kick in the ass I needed to send me into 'instant purchase' territory.

I could've written another post about Animal Crossing:  New Leaf, but it would've mostly been more of "Goddamnit, Animal Crossing, give me stuff to do whenever I play you and cut it out with time-sensitive bullshit like the Stalk Market" and it's not yet time for that.  I could've written a post about an absolutely hilarious and wonderful-looking Indie Game that I saw tonight, but I'm still going to put a few things together before I make that post.  Since it's probably going to turn into a Three-Indie Spotlight post, which means I need two more.  I suppose I could've written another post about Terraria and Minecraft and how much I want to play them on my Vita and yet neither are available for it yet, but, well, even I'm starting to get a little depressed by those posts.

So really, it's just one of those nights.  I want to write, I've neglected my story for a bit, and I have nothing else -to- write, so I'm gonna jump on that.  I'm sure nobody will blame me, and as always, I've brought tidings of K-Pop to assuage the gaping hole in your night that I've left.  "Scream" by BoA is off of her English Album, or one of them, so it sort of straddles that line where it's only K-Pop because of the singer, but it counts in my mind.  And it's just a fun song, really, so that just makes it easy to post up, but it does make me worry that I might've used it already.  If so, whoops.  If not, well, enjoy!

seriously though, friggin' Tuesday's gonna be a thing unless GameStop doesn't get Muramasa until a couple days later

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