Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Quick Post - CenturyLink is Literally the Worst

My phone service, which is also my internet service because DSL is just so grand and the only option available for the area I live in, has been going out....only at night for the last two nights.  Which isn't suspicious at all.  It's not desperately shouting of "SOMEONE INCOMPETENT IS MESSING WITH THE INFRASTRUCTURE" or anything like that.  Of course, it could just be that the lines are literally frayed or something underground since service suspiciously gets spotty whenever there's a heavy downpour.  Or it could just be any number of things that are too stupid and annoying to really go on about.  Really, I've run all the scenarios in my head, and there's not a single one that accounts for them not being completely and totally in the wrong somehow since this is not an issue that is in the household or anything like that.  We did the whole, plug a phone directly into the box to see if -it- works thing, and no, no it did not.

Basically, the point is that when the internet keeps cutting out, it gets.....demoralizing.  Infuriating.  All sorts of negative things that sort of wreck the whole creative flow.  As such, it's hard to write something when the thing keeps coming up and saying "YOUR POST DID NOT SAVE" and that brings your attention to the modem that is rocking only two lights instead of four.  Which means that you just have to sit there and wait for the two to five minutes that it takes for the phone to magically start working again and the internet to follow-up.  So last night and tonight have been trying to say the least.  There's no rhyme or reason to when it actually goes out - sometimes it's on for hours, other times it goes out three times in ten minutes.  One technician was already out, but he apparently just plugged something into the outside box, scratched his ass and went "WELL, IT'S WORKING" before leaving to half-ass quarter-ass the next job.

So, you know, until it gets fixed my posting might be sparse.  Or I might just do short little posts like this one to at least -attempt- to keep going and whatnot while hoping for one of those periods where the phones decide to work for an extended period of time.  But the point is, it's obviously going to affect things until it's fixed or it miraculously fixes itself.  I wouldn't be surprised if the latter ends up happening since I doubt a technician is going to magically show up when the phone is actually not working, nor will he stick around for a time in which it stops working.  Which means we basically just have to roll with it, which is....just great.  Fantastic.  At least we're going to get a credit for the days affected.  I'll make sure of that.

shit, I totally could've made a 'phoning it in' pun about the technician, goddamnit

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