Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm Tired So Here's K-Pop

I don't think I've ever featured f(x), or if I have, then clearly I don't remember.  Or care.  This has been my song of the evening, forcing me to eschew Music Unlimited for the much less optimal "listen off of youtube which takes a lot longer initially" option.  Since Music Unlimited's selection for K-Pop blows chunks and got worse just recently as T-ara's album (as in the only one it had) got pulled.  Which, of course, I had ten songs off that album in my playlist, so I am not a very happy man about that.  I've enjoyed Music Unlimited while I've had it - it's a neat service, definitely, but there's absolutely no way I'm going to resubscribe for the full price when it comes time do to that.  Not unless there's, like, a meeting of the minds and Sony works out a deal with SMENT or SM Town or who the hell ever and Universal (I think those are the primary two publishers) and makes K-Pop -happen- on the service.

Which it won't.  So I mean, there is that.

Anyway, I have had problems sleeping lately, which is rather unfortunate.  To elucidate, I had to take a nap last night to supplement the couple hours I'd managed that morning.  I awoke at 6 PM.  Because of many things including a general inability to sleep and work, I didn't get to sleep again until 2 PM today.  Where I then woke up, again, at 6 PM.  I'm sure it's not the worst situation in the world and blah blah, but it sucks nonetheless and it's thrown me all off-kilter.  It also has completely prevented me from playing just about anything for an extended period of time, which means I have nothing to really talk about.  But mostly the whole 'dear god, body why won't you let me sleep' thing.

So yes.  Enjoy K-Pop and good night, folks.

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