Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It Is Nier Time

Which is to say that it's always Nier Time, but now specifically it is since I restarted it earlier today for the simple fact that, you know what?  I just wanted to play it.  It's been far too long since I last played it, having only lived it vicariously through other sources up to and including Helloween's recently started LP of the game.  The fact of it is that, however way you look at it, Nier is a pretty personal game, so watching it, reading it, living it without playing it is doing yourself and the game some degree of disservice, since it really shines brightest as you are playing it.  So, in an effort to do myself a favor and to respect the greatness of Nier and Cavia's best project, I figured that it was the best idea to forgo my backlog and play through Nier since, hey, next week is REVENGEANCE week anyway and I totally didn't realize it until earlier today which was like someone telling me it was my birthday, giving me a present and then also telling me I was the best at something.  It was a good feeling.

Getting back into Nier, well, it feels right.  Because I've only actually played through the game once personally (getting the endings beyond the first doesn't make you play the game from start all over again), I'm noticing all sorts of things I didn't really pay attention to the first go-around.  Mostly because I didn't consider it necessary to pay attention to them.  Which is, of course a mistake, and one that I will relay to you, anyone who might be eager to play through Nier which should be everybody.  Everything is important.  You might not think so.  You might think "Oh, they can't possibly make everything in the game relevant" and you would be wrong because that is exactly what happens.  It is a thing that happens.

Something that I was reminded of with my playthrough was just how early you run into Kainé.  For some reason, I didn't remember that it was, indeed, early on that you run into her and that was a welcome surprise.  A very very welcome surprise.  Kainé is, of course, the woman whose dulcet tones accompany the above teaser trailer that is, in my opinion, the absolute best teaser trailer for anything ever.  I am actually being pretty honest with that as, for some reason, I cannot help but enjoy everything that comes out of Kainé's mouth, and it's not just because of Laura Bailey's absolutely wonderful voice-acting for the character.  She's just a very excellently realized character and the VA-work is icing on top of that delicious cake.  Even with the supplemental information.

More or less, I really just wanted to get on here and post the above teaser while also gushing about Nier a bit.  Since that is kind of my bag.  Expect a lot of that until Tuesday since until then, I will be playing Nier and possibly afterwards which is strange to consider since, on Tuesday, I should likely have my Sword Lamp copy of REVENGEANCE.  Which means I should be playing REVENGEANCE.  And I will want to be playing that, but I will happily forgo the game, any game, to play Nier until I have completed it once more.  Because I just want to, and it's odd that I find a game that I want to do that with, especially in these days of trophies and such where I simply focus on getting those and then being satisfied with my conquest.  But, well, that's just part of the magic that is Nier.

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