Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bonus Post - A Couple of REVENGEANCE LE Pictures

Look at that.  I couldn't get the entire box in the picture which is telling unto itself, but there is a friggin' handle on top of that box because it's so big.  Because the bulk of it is, in fact, the box that the Sword-Lamp comes in.  Apologies for the crappy camera quality, but these still turned out better than the pictures I took with my Vita and I cannot be assed to try even more shots.

The three main components of the LE are pictured, anyway.  The game (which includes the game disk and soundtrack disk), the Steelbook case for it (which surprised me - I just thought the game/soundtrack would be in that, but no, I get both) and the Sword-Lamp.  Now, what I'm going to mostly talk about here, is just how awesome this Sword-Lamp is.  And by awesome, I mean big, because it is McLargeHuge.  It may be hard to judge by that, so I have a follow-up picture to make it a little more clear.

You see this?  That is the Cole statue from the inFamous 2 Limited Edition.  Those of you who -have- this Limited Edition are well aware of the fact that it is not a small statue.  Yet, the Sword-Lamp?  Yeah.  It's bigger.  By a very large margin.  The actual height of the Lamp (counting the little bit of extra leverage it has because of the 'legs' on it) is around 14 and a half inches tall.  That is not, by any means, a small number in terms of Game Swag, which is precisely what this is.

But perhaps you don't have a Cole MacGrath statue to compare the Sword-Lamp too.  So, here are a few other reference points for good measure.  An original, 'Fat' PS3, standing up-right is only 12 3/4 inches tall.  The Sword-Lamp is taller than a PS3.  A Playstation Vita is 7 1/2 inches wide, so it is just short of the length of -two- Vitas tall.  The Sword-Lamp is as tall as Twenty-Five PS3 game cases stacked on top of one another.

What I'm saying here is that this LE was friggin' worth it.  No contest.

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