Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oh Lord, This REVENGEANCE Trailer

Okay, we are all aware that I am completely and totally hyped for Metal Gear Rising:  REVENGEANCE, yes?  Yes?  Of course.  You are probably like "Mogs, I do indeed know of your hype level for Metal Gear Rising:  REVENGEANCE because you have spoken of it several times and, in fact, I do not know how you could be -more- hyped for it."


I'm not sure I can really put into words, coherent ones at least, what it is about that trailer that gets my blood pumping in the best way, but good goddamn if that's not the game I'm anticipating the absolute most at this moment.  I mean, yes, we still have The Last of Us coming this year but The Last of Us won't let me cut five guys into chunks in the span of three minutes and then also cut two giant robots into slightly larger chunks, but still chunks nonetheless, in the following two.  The Last of Us won't feature a goddamn cyborg ninja driving a car for unknown reasons.  It also probably won't feature gravelly Raiden voice acting that I can't help but like despite the inherent cheese to it, mostly because of the dialogue.  The Last of Us will have plenty of good things, wonderful things, but it won't have these things and these things are what I want right stat now.

The thing I like about that trailer, aside from everything, is that it showed story -and- gameplay right after one another, letting you see how the transition goes which is rather smooth.  The story is going to be all levels of silly, even moreso than a normal Metal Gear game, and that is just fine by me.  I am expecting high action with some intrigue and a few twists thrown in here and there, but beyond that?  Not a whole lot more.  I don't see how I'll be disappointed on that front.  The more batshit crazy it's all presented, the happier I'll be, I suspect as even though it's canon with Metal Gear Solid as a series, this is obviously going to be a wild ride, being a Platinum/Kojima project.

The gameplay though.  Oh man, the gameplay.  I have gotten over my whinging about the classic "I cut stuff and it doesn't come apart" Action game gripe, which is the whole of the combo system, mostly because it seems like your foes will all be non-organic, or at least mostly non-organic.  This?  This I can handle.  And Zan-datsu is obviously a more focused cut, so it will obviously be way more effective than a regular slice and I am justifying this yes, but for good reason.  Because the game looks awesome and fun as all holy hell.  I'm not quite sure, but it seems like Zan-datsu is something you can enter and leave freely (with the express purpose of spine-hunting, of course, but also for cutting ALL OF THE THINGS) which is astounding to me.  Mostly because it serves some utilitarian purposes as well - at one point, if you were watching carefully enough, you'll notice that Raiden sliced a missile in half as it was flying towards him, effectively disarming it.  And you really don't have to cut right for the spine - you can just lop off an arm or leg(s) if you feel like it, and the combinations of all that will be really, really fun to explore.

Metal Gear Rising:  REVENGEANCE is going to be one hell of a ride and I honestly am counting the very minutes until it's released on February 19th.  If at all possible, I know now that I'll be shelling out the near-ridiculous price for the badass Collector's Edition, simply because yes, I want it that much.  I want all of it that much.  If not for the super awesome lamp, then for the badass soundtrack that will be full of tasty guitar riffs and high intensity.  But still, mostly for the super awesome lamp that I may or may not ever plug in because it is -too- good.  But one way or another, the game will be mine as soon as it is earthly possible and that day will be a glorious one indeed.  It will really make me wonder what the rest of 2013 can hope to offer in terms of something that will top this.  Because this is pushing all of my buttons in the best way possible.

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