Saturday, January 19, 2013

It Was a Good Day

Happy Chie is Happy.

I didn't do much today.  Well, really, I did, but in the sort of grand scheme of things, what I did wasn't really a lot, but it was pretty fulfilling nonetheless.  I went out and bought myself a few things including a copy of Taken 2 on Blu-Ray/DVD Combo, Persona 4 Arena (because it's $20 at GameStop currently...or at least, it was at my GameStop), Dark Souls and topped it all off with a nice $25 pre-order of Metal Gear Rising:  REVENGEANCE's Collector's Edition, since I made it before the cut-off, thankfully.  Then I came home and eschewed my purchases for the comfort (relatively speaking) of Sorcery, which I played for the majority of the day and did, indeed, end up beating.  I'll save some words for a potential review, but suffice to say that it was good.  Really good.  Like....surprisingly good.  A bit short, but I am very, very happy with the end-product and it's a shame that there will literally be nothing else from that unless the heavens open and the stars align in the proper way.

Speaking on Reviews, I was halfway through one for Assassin's Creed 3:  Liberation when my mind just sort of went blank and I had to put it aside for the night.  Hopefully I'll be able to bang through the other half of it tonight and get that up.  I don't mean to get all review-heavy all of a sudden, despite appearances (having just done one for FFXIII-2 recently, this one and talking of doing one for Sorcery as well), but you just go with what works, I suppose, and that is really working for now.  Don't expect it to be a thing that starts something, but enjoy it while it lasts since that is totally an indeterminate amount of time between now and a few months from now probably as I power through a few games in rapid succession.  Hopefully.  Or I'll spend like, two weeks straight playing Demon's Souls and then jump into Dark Souls.  Because I am apparently a masochist or something.

Speaking of Dark Souls, there was a little story to tell about it, I suppose.  I didn't think too much of it, but in retelling the tale to a few people, it seemed a bit more of a thing to them than I assumed it might've been.  So, at GameStop after perusing their selection for a good few minutes, I picked out my bounty - a new copy of Persona 4 Arena and a used copy of Dark Souls because, hey, it didn't come with a code or anything that I know of and I saved a couple bucks because of it.  The girl working the register, fairly cute, engaged me by being positive about my pick of P4A and asking me if I'd bought Golden on the Vita.  After assuring her that I have it and beat it last week, she nodded and mentioned that she wasn't too far into it, but her Personae were all up to level 30 which isn't bad to be sure.  We chatted a little bit more before she turned her attention to Dark Souls, hesitating for just a moment before looking over at me past the rim of her glasses.

"Just so you know, you can always bring Dark Souls back if it's not your type of game," she warned.  I chuckled and waved it off.  "Yeah, I know it's rough.  I've been playing Demon's Souls recently."  "Dark Souls is harder."  "I know, but I've got a friend who has been bothering me to pick it up and she is fairly relentless."  She nodded and shrugged a bit with a smile.  "Fair enough.  I just personally found myself ripping my hair out playing it and that's not why I play games at all."  I smirked; it's a common sentiment, one that I was well acquainted with.  "Yeah, when I played Demon's Souls the first time, I was of the same opinion, just sort of raging at the whole thing.  But when you keep at it, eventually it clicks and it becomes a finesse thing and when it works, it's's just the getting it to work part that's a problem."  To that, she laughed.  And we chatted a bit more before I asked about REVENGEANCE's Limited Edition and got that pre-order taken care of.  Then I paid and I left with a few kind words because I'm just nice like that.

I didn't think anything of it and truly I still don't, but when I told that story to a couple people, they flipped.  "You made her laugh?"  "What, yeah.  I make people laugh sometimes.  It happens."  "Nah, not like that."  Apparently, I was flirting, according to these people.  You...would think that this is something I would realize/consider before anyone else.  In other news, I know some weird people, it seems.  Fairly weird.  Weird people with weird ideas.  Since I was just being nice and sharing enthusiasm.  Still, no matter the outcome and the intent, it was an amusing story to me and it helped elevate the day from pretty good to good overall.  And because of that, I just wanted to share tonight because it's not always about the games, but rather sometimes it's about getting the games and the amusing stories that come with that activity.  Overall, as I said, it was a good day, no real issues aside from my arms being sore from working out and moving things yesterday, but such is the way of things and flicking my wrist and such a billion times playing Sorcery probably didn't help with that.  Worth it, regardless.

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