Saturday, July 21, 2012

Music! BoA Edition

So, it's been a while since I've done up a Music! post lately, and considering I've delved quite a bit more into some new songs and such lately, I believe it's about time.  I briefly considered doing a second K-Pop Edition since my library has exponentially expanded since the first K-Pop Edition, but that's....kind of where I ran into an obstacle.  You see, I believe I have started to listen to and enjoy too much K-Pop (such a thing is impossible in some circles, of course) but I say this for the express purpose of the fact that thinking on just three songs to feature from the grander library I've come across is quite a task.  I needed some way to narrow it down, so I decided on being a bit more specific and simply focusing on an artist at a time.  So, in that vein, I instinctively went to BoA first, as I've certainly been listening to more of her stuff than anything else lately.  Even still, picking three just from her catalog is a bit rough, but I can certainly make it more manageable than the alternative.

The first song to put down is probably the easiest of the three, since I simply want to throw down the first BoA song I was exposed to.  It really is just as simple as that, as in my persistent nagging of friends for their reserves of K-Pop references, as if it were something far more valuable than it was, I was eventually tossed this video for my efforts.  It was, to put it shortly, exactly what I wanted in that it was entertaining and upbeat while also exposing me to another (fantastic, as I later learned) artist to look into to cut my dependence on others more and more.  Since I could only listen to the same Miss A, Girls Generation and 2NE1 songs so many times, and looking into the rest of their songs wasn't turning up any winners.  (Of course, it didn't help that I wasn't looking at the right songs, as I have since found songs from all three of them, but that's for another time.)  BoA, as you could guess, ended up opening quite a few new songs for my listening pleasure, of which I'm sharing now.  But like I said, it started with this song, and this song is "Copy & Paste".  Hope you like silver things.

I think what first drew me to the video itself (speaking of just beyond the song since I am providing the actual videos for these, being as they've been my exposure) is the fact that the dance routine featured in it is quite a bit more elaborate than most other K-Pop videos I've seen.  This is because BoA is a pretty fantastic dancer, which will only shine through more and more as I get through each video.  Copy&Paste doesn't really show it off as well as I remember, but that may just be because I've seen more than it, which lets me evaluate her abilities overall.  I guess we'll see, since again, this is the first of three that I'll be sharing and I assume at so of you good folks who read this on a semi-regular basis will play along.  Maybe.  Hopefully without judging me.

Now, whereas Copy&Paste is the first song I got into of BoA's, the second here is one of the more recent ones I've discovered and it's quickly rising up in my own personal popularity.  Not because I think the song is a lot better (I pretty much can't judge the songs themselves since it's more a mood thing), but simply because the video for it is so much fun.  I personally can't watch the video without getting sucked into the enjoyment it sort of permeates.  I just can't imagine that it was not a fun video to make in any fashion, so that part of it is certainly enjoyable on its own merits.  Aside from that, the video has like everything one could want from a song without realizing it.  Seriously.  To prove this to you, I humbly suggest that you do give a listen/watch to "Lose Your Mind", if just to get in on the fun.

Seriously.  Catwalk, Weapon Demos (that staff-twirling could totally be part of combat and you all know it), Chair Dancing and a Guitar Solo out of friggin' nowhere.  In the same video.  What more could you possibly want?  I submit to you that there is very little that I could think of beyond what was offered.  Although, to be honest, I chuckle to myself a little everytime I mention all four of those elements in a row because it seems....kind of nonsensical.  And I believe that's kind of the point as to why I point them out to begin with, but it's enjoyable nonetheless.  Like I said, pretty much everything about the video just oozes -fun-, which is why I really really enjoy it and wanted to show it off at least.  It also does help illustrate my earlier point about the dancing being more elaborate than your usual video.  Which also, of course, speaks to BoA's dancing chops which are, as shown, quite good.

The last pick is kind of the hardest here, because I want this video to be the one to show off the most, to really drive in the point that I've been making about the dancing which is honestly one of the main selling points when it comes to BoA.  The first song was easy, as I just wanted to throw down the first song I heard.  The second was a little harder, but I decided on Lose Your Mind because it's the most fun of them.  And now, as I said, I just want the last one to just hit it out of the park in terms of my whole point here.  Which...that's a hard thing to narrow down.  I could honestly put at least two other songs in this spot and it'd show off just as much in that sense.  But, as this is a Music! post, the song itself counts just as much, and I went with this one because of the song, since I've probably listened to it about four hundred times.  I wish I was kidding.  The song is "Hurricane Venus" and, of the three videos here, this one offers some weirdness, so don't let that distract too much.

I don't really know what's up with the feathers, masks and flying or anything and it doesn't really matter, I say.  Despite the video being decidedly what you might expect from the genre in terms of outfits worn and such, the song and dancing is fairly consistent with the rest in that they are both quite enjoyable.  The song at least is pretty different from the other two as well, which might be why I've listened to it as much, but I don't know.  That also probably does not matter so much.  Regardless, I think that was a pretty good one to end it on since it probably makes my point pretty emphatically.  I think the real reason BoA's pretty great at the dancing thing is because she has an absurd amount of body control which is accentuated quite well in this video.  Maybe a little moreso than the previous two (though Lose Your Mind was pretty good for that as well)  If K-Pop isn't your thing, I doubt anything here will change your mind, but if you enjoy it generally, then hopefully I've given you a few more songs to enjoy.  Without judging me, I remind.