Sunday, July 8, 2012

Goddamnit, Atlus, I Don't Have Money or Time Part Two

Once again, in a situation that is all too familiar from a couple months ago, Atlus USA decided it was the perfect time to dangle the proverbial carrot from a stick before all of us by announcing a July-wide sale on....well, just about everything they've published and/or made on the PSN Store for PSP (and Vita by that measure) and PS3.  As you can see above, this is a large sale in both magnitude of the fact that there's fifteen titles half-off at the exact same time, as well as the stated fact that they are half-priced.  The games were pretty affordable already, but they've officially entered "I have to buy this for this price" territory for people like me who just cannot look a bargain like this in the mouth.  And I know I go on and on about how we should buy games from developers we like when they're full price so we're not cheapening their effort or anything like that, but I can buy Yggdra Union for five dollars, shut up.  And I mean, hey, this is kind of the point, Atlus is saying "Hey, buy our games while we're being nice and selling them for peanuts" and such.

As I've previously stated, all the Persona games will eventually be bought and in my care, or however you want to say it, and by eventually I mean as soon as I finish this post I'm just going to put the $70 in PSN Cards I bought in my Playstation Wallet and buy them as well as like everything else.  But the Persona games are first, no matter what, even despite the warnings that they haven't aged particularly well, specifically stating this with the original.  To be honest, I'm not even sure it's a matter of I want to buy them to actually play them, or just a matter of slapping down the cash so I can say that I have them all to sate the collector inside of me that we all know exists.  I mean, I'd like to give them both a shot, but given my apparent deficiencies in regards to Persona 3, I'm not so sure the Persona games are, er, well, my cup of tea.  Because my cups of tea don't generally like to punch me in the dick repeatedly like the chief of a little village in a terrible, terrible game.

Next up is Kenka Bancho:  Badass Rumble since it is most definitely the closest I'm ever going to get to playing a portable Yakuza game in English with no fuss.  It's not the same, of course, and probably isn't as tight of a game as I could hope for (if reviews are to be believed, which, when it concerns brawlers....I'll take them with a cup of salt), but beggars can't be choosers as they say.  Besides, the game has eye lasers which you use to stare down folks and/or initiate a fight with them which is just as cool as it sounds, considering you can just kinda walk around with the blazing, I believe.  Even if not, you can just sort of stand there and eye laser things for absolutely no reason and look, I just want that.  On top of the whole quirky angle that I'm sure the game will have by virtue of being an Atlus-localized game.  Also the whole beating people up thing.  You know how much I enjoy a game about beating dudes up and if the combat system can prove to be even half as fun as Yakuza's engine, I'll be a happy camper for $7.50.

The other game that's a sure-fire purchase from me is likely Yggrda Union, purely because it's $5 and reading the description of the game on the store has made me curious.  I'm not sure how you can mix turn-based strategy and real-time action effectively, but I'm willing to fork over five bones to discover how STING thinks one does that.  Also in the description are the words "Build your strongest deck of cards" which, as you know, elicits a very, very strong reaction out of me, since I'm not quite sure if it means something like trading cards or what.  But I'm damn sure going to find out and I am doing it fairly blindly which is either a really smart move or a really dumb one. know, one that will end up mostly good but not great or something.  Really, I don't think I can lose out on this one and I probably can be proven wrong on that, but I'm not anticipating it.

Riviera:  The Promised Land, Knights in the Nightmare, Hexyz Force and Crimson Gem Saga round out the rest of the potential purchases and by potential, I mean "Look, I have $70 in PSN Cash, I'm buying them".  RPGs, the lot of them, I'm told they all have something rather unique or quirky to bring to the table that offers an experience unlike anything else.  Except maybe Crimson Gem Saga which is meant to just be a pure, simple RPG that harkens back to the days when RPGs were just fun things and not overcomplicated or anything like that.  Which, let's face it, is pretty unique and/or quirky in this day and age of gaming anyway, so there's that.  The only other PSP games offered in the sale are Persona 3 Portable, which we know that I have bought and played already, since I've talked about it at considerable length, and Class of Heroes which....I know absolutely nothing about whatsoever.  Except it says "Dungeons" and "labyrinths" in the game description, which are not words that invoke good things for me.  On the bright side of all of this, I'll have absolutely plenty to keep me busy in the near future!  Also things that I might be able to talk about.  Imagine that.

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  1. I meant to post this like four days ago, but : welcome back! It was like a week, there - I was gettin' worried!