Sunday, July 15, 2012

Second Look: Treasures of Montezuma Blitz

In this day and age, the days where patching a game after-the-fact has more or less become standard across all platforms, we normally only see minor tweaks here and there in that form.  Bug-fixes, tweaking a piece of code to improve performance, or simply introducing code for downloadable items.  Normal stuff like that.  It's rare that a patch actually does anything to improve a game in a real, tangible way, but when these instances crop up, they should be lauded and appreciated accordingly.  Especially when they take a game that wasn't much of one and injects a wholesale shot of fun into it.  And double especially when said update causes me to compulsively play a game I had previously stated something of a mild distaste for in the past because I find that I am actually enjoying it.  Somehow.  I say all of this because oh god, I'm sure you realize why I'm saying this by now.

Anyways, I don't know what it is, exactly, about the patch that has been introduced to Treasures of Montezuma Blitz that has made it so much fun, but let me assure you right off that it is, indeed, fun, despite being the same game in many ways.  Rounds are still a minute long (barring matching tokens that have time extenders on them), and it's still the same basic game, thought improvements on the XP system allow for growth on a ridiculous level.  (Note that I am Level 12 in the above screenshot, where the last time I was Level...0.  I honestly haven't played the game a lot)  The score system similarly seems to have been amped up as, once again if you refer to the first post about the game, I was impressed by a score of 36,800 points, where I have now gotten to the mid hundred thousands (446,200 here making me ranked first in my list for what will be a pathetically short amount of time because Radthanael and Aubvry will demolish that in short order) and while that's my 'bragging zone' (I believe I've managed 600k on one occasion) it's decidedly ridiculous how wide the gap has gotten.  Yes, I'm higher level and yes, I have perks now, but still.

Realistically speaking, for being the same game, it's practically an entire new one with the improvements that have been made, if you haven't gathered.  Where I criticized it initially for being too short, for taking too little of your time, I now find that, as default, the game almost refuses to let you go.  Free Lives are earned in ways that I can't even begin to comprehend, so the five you're normally given (provided you play every day, you get -bonus lives- if you skip a day) almost -always- amount to more than that which turns what could seem to be 5-7 minutes of gaming to, honest-to-god 20+ minutes.  That is, if you simply play until you're out of lives for the day, as I imagine everyone does.  Knowing that the gaming time is 'limited' drives me to enjoy, to wring every second possible out of it, and I've found, several times now, that I think "Oh god, how do I still have three lives left, I've played like five rounds!".  I said it and I mean it as such:  the game does not want to let you go.

If you've downloaded the game already (remember, it's free), then going back is certainly recommended.  Only if you have a lot of time to spend on it, of course.  As I've stated, not only will the game shower you with lives for all the days you've missed, but you'll earn about half of them as freebies in the course of play.  This is honestly the best method of understanding the game, really, since you almost don't have to worry about the fact that you can only play it for so long.  Chances are, that 'so long' might even be longer than you'd be willing to invest otherwise.  But if you can start and stop, then you have a stronger will than I, friend, or simply a distaste for matching jewel games.  For the price (of nothing), I certainly can't insist you exercise caution any longer:  get the game, if just for something to play when you have a few minutes here and there or when you're just sitting around, perhaps not really wanting to play anything else.  I don't rightly think that there's a way that you could honestly regret the decision to get it.

Have I mentioned that the game has trophies now, by the way?  Because it has trophies now.  I'm not sure just how it got away with releasing -without- trophies in the start, perhaps because of the fact that it is, indeed, free, but for whatever reason, it has them now.  It's a fairly short list (only one gold, no platinum) that will give you quite a bit of challenge if you decide you want to fill it out completely, so this isn't a game to grab to quickly inflate your trophy count, but they're there regardless.  And the game is fun, too.  I believe I stated that somewhere along the line, but I think I haven't stressed it enough.  So maybe I should just really lay it all on the line really simply.  The game is free and fun (now), so it's definitely worth a download and minutes of your time every day unless you just aren't a fan of the type of game.  Which is certainly understandable.  Or if you have an addictive personality because this game will likely be hell for you then.  I swear that I'm seeing things in match-three vision nowadays.  It's....slightly maddening.


So, either because I am an idiot who misses things terrible, or they changed something with regards to lives during the patch, I have been referring to Treasures of Montezuma Blitz as a game you can only play once a day.  That is incorrect.  That is....quite incorrect, as the above picture shows.  Lives refill every few minutes so that in fact, you could play your five, put the Vita down, go off to make a sandwich or have a smoke or something, and come back to at least a couple more lives.  So, provided you don't have much else to do, Treasures is definitely a game you could spend the bulk of a day playing as...well, a game.  Without paying a bit, on top of it, provided you have a little patience.  I decided it would be better to include the above screen as an image, considering it's in the game, to show off how dense I can be sometimes.  Since, we all have our moments sometimes.

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