Thursday, May 3, 2012

XSEED Localizing Ragnarok Odyssey (Maybe)

I don't generally like linking to places that aren't Joystiq or Siliconera because, well, I've just used both those sites for a while now and they seem pretty reliable.  (Despite my whinging here and there about them)  Which is why I've used them for a while.  But every now and then, there's something that gets announced elsewhere that grabs my interest enough that I just have to go for it.  This would be one of those such times because GamesRadar seems to think that XSEED has announced localizing Ragnarok Odyssey for North America (as well as another title that I haven't looked into).  I say 'seems to think' because I can't find info about it elsewhere quite honestly.  Joystiq and Siliconera hasn't mentioned it, despite the even apparently happening last night, nor does their official site (which...hasn't been updated lately it seems) or their Facebook page mention it in an official capacity.  And even then, XSEED has already broken some hearts lately regarding localization, so I'm not exactly bursting with excitement.  Basically, I'm saying that I'm not going to trust this one right off.

For the sake of argument and posting, however, let's assume that this is totally legit, both in announcement, as well as XSEED following through.  Because that would be pretty awesome.  (Also, it would make sense on cancelling GKH in that case, if they're working on two projects)  I haven't really followed Ragnarok Odyssey a whole lot because I worried that it would stay Japan-centric since, well, that seems to happen with good games.  Regardless, from what I've seen (Skip to 8:17 for actual gameplay), it looks like a Monster Hunter game with a really interesting art style and battle system.  And by really interesting art style, I mean it looks gorgeous from what can be seen on a camera recording a held Vita.  And by interesting battle system, I mean a really fast-paced one.

The thing about Ragnarok Odyssey is that it really is a game that we -need- since it is, as I said, basically Monster Hunter, which the Vita still lacks because Capcom is dumb.  Monster Hunter is a big deal, especially with the PSP, so having something of its kind, even if it's not MH itself, will be a huge boon.  Of course, Ragnarok Odyssey probably won't be the first by the time it comes out, nor the last, but the reason I bring it up, why I pin any hope on it is because it honestly just looks good.  On top of that, if the Japanese release is anything to go by (which it should be), the game will have a proper online system for multiplayer which was the real main draw for MH as a series.  Coupled with the Vita's in-built capabilities for online play, and it should be a real hit, or at least do decently while we await Monster Hunter 3 HD or Monster Hunter 4 or something.

For me personally, I'm probably going to end up snapping this up, depending on when it comes out.  While I'm not really a fan of Monster Hunter games (I've only had a little exposure, mind, without Online) I am interested in this simply because it seems like it takes the slowness out of MH (one of the things that has me iffy about the series for me) and, with any luck, it might have a single-player campaign worth a damn.  Probably not, but, well, there's a chance I guess.  Considering it's out in Japan, I imagine I could just look around for the answer but that requires effort - not only as a base, but for yet another game that I just don't have the time nor money for that I will end up buying anyway (likely).  It's like when you tell yourself you're on a diet but just keep buying cookies or stuff anyway because, hell, who are we kidding, they're delicious.  Also, because I'm sure if I don't get it (again, depending on when it comes out), I will have very annoyed friends with Vitas, because I will be unable to Hunt Monsters with them.

Update!:  A minor update here, but XSEED has confirmed not only the game, but the fact that it will be a retail title.  Which, by the very nature of Vita releases means that it will be a Retail and Digital title rather than simply digital, which XSEED has stated that they are going to do more of and is proving that with Way of the Samurai 4, ensuring that I'm not going to bother with the game.  Because I can't download a gig on my PS3, much less however the hell big WotS4 will be.

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