Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New The Last of Us Trailer Out

I do so hate that I don't have a whole lot to talk about tonight, but I can't really make news out of pretty much nothing at all.  On top of that, I'm having a particularly bad night in terms of allergies and stress, so there's not a bunch I can even come up with since my mind is in quite the fog.  Thankfully, however, we have Youtube for nights like these, and with Youtube comes videos of things that are enjoyable.  Like new trailers for awesome looking games that you can't wait for unless it's going to come out in 2012 in which case woah now, slow down alright?  Which, The Last of Us will -probably- come out 'Holiday' 2012 or just before it as per Uncharted, so that puts me at a probable eleven games that I want between now and the start of 2013.  Sigh.  I'd hate it if it wasn't so glorious at the same time.

It has been quite a while since we had any information about The Last Of Us, which is a little unfortunate, but this bit of a tasty morsel in trailer form is more than welcome for reasons other than that.  Were the bits about the game a deluge, each bit would be fantastic on its own merits as this little bit is, I'm sure.  I mean, just look at that friggin' trailer alright?  Maybe about a minute, tops, cutting out all the ESRB and Sony stuff, with just the game it's only that much.  But it's friggin' -fantastic- and not even just because of the graphics, but of the complete understanding of human exhibition on the part of emotional and thoughtful response.  Just look at Joel as he's contemplating just what to do -should he take the off-ramp or turn around? - and, well, just look at him.  You can pretty much -see- the thoughts going through his head and that, to me, is friggin' amazing.

Something else to the credit of the trailer is that it reminds all the naysayers that the game actually isn't just about 'zombies', which was pretty evident from the first trailer, though there was a creature in it so, hey, screw logic.  With nary a lost soul to be found other than the meaning of 'vagrant', this trailer reinforces that Ellie and Joel will contend with dangers of all types, wherein a good portion of them will be classified as 'living' and 'sentient' in spades.  Though, I do have to wonder how they've lasted in the conditions they have - is it just strength in numbers, or is the 'infection' pretty much a rarity?  Or some other reasoning to it, perhaps?  There's a lot of The Last Of Us' universe that's still a mystery to us, but for the type of game that it is, I think that's for the best, really.

I can't help but find it pretty amazing at how realized the world in The Last of Us seems from what little bit of it we've seen.  It -looks- like a city, has all the same architecture that you might expect, which is brilliantly shown off as they drive through a neighborhood just before they come across the 'wounded' man.  Things are where they are for a -purpose- and they look wonderful where they are, thanks to the wizardry that only Naughty Dog can work.  There's not a whole lot else to say about the trailer, unfortunately, so I do think that's about it.  I imagine I'll watch it about a half a dozen more times and then head off to bed for a nice, relaxing slumber.  Hopefully.

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