Sunday, May 6, 2012

God, Do I Hate Spring

I say this a lot, and I do mean a lot and while I honestly hate repetition in spoken statements like that, I feel that I have to keep stating it because it's always true and relevant:  I hate Spring.  I hate how, aside from E3 leaks and random announcements here and there, there's not really a whole lot of gaming news, as is referenced by sites feeling the need to tease and reveal games that will never be released and then follow up said 'reveal' with a whole lot of information about the game that will never be released, obtained presumably because the game will never be released.  (Keep an eye out on that post, kids, because I'm going to update it one of these nights with the last recent update which is mind-blowingly stupid)  I hate how the ever-shifting weather, allergies and heat take my normally good-at-doing-things (like using vocabulary) mind and throws that out the window, leaving me sitting for hours trying to think of things that would take mere minutes on a cooler, better day.  And I hate how, on those rare nights where it might be cool enough, or where I might just be lucid enough, to do something relevant to anything (like post here, or get some good post material), it's usually fucking storming, meaning I'm stuck with DVDs or purely portable gaming.

In a word, I just hate how Spring makes me feel:  dull.  Sitting about, unable to come up with anything really positive and interesting to talk about despite a full two hours or so passing by, and then figuring out something that I can actually articulate about somewhat, only to be a little dissatisfied with the way I ended up saying it, yet unable to go back and change it, it's kind of painful.  This is pretty much precisely why I make no guarantees during Spring (and Summer) because it's a complete toss-up as to whether or not I'll honestly be able to sit down and write something up in a given night.  I do everything I can, scour every source and try to think of anything and everything that might be interesting enough for me to talk about for four or so paragraphs, but sometimes they just come up empty.  This would be one of those nights, honestly, despite a few ideas rolling around in my head.  This is purely because I couldn't think of a good way of expressing them because I'm just 'bleh' tonight as I am most nights with this goddamn heat.

I will say that it bothers me much more that I can't write and I want to, rather than what it might seem in that I can't write and I feel obligated to which I don't by any means.  Outside of self-obligation which again is more want than anything.  After all, the whole reason for this blog is so that I can write things on a regular basis to try and hone my skills.  While these conditions simply add more challenge, they...well, add challenge and are thus able to give me pause if not outright halt sometimes.  The added challenge to that is to come up with things that I can always talk about, which I sort of have in Music! and other such posts, but at times, I can't really think of appropriate themes for those either.  It's fairly rough, I confess, and made no easier through the whims of mother nature.  Still, I'm working at it and will likely continue to do so through the season, hopefully coming up with something before it ends.  With any luck, the other side of Spring and Summer will see a brisk Fall that will allow me some leeway.

Still, there's plenty to look forward to in terms of Portable Gaming, as we've covered, so that'll handle a good amount of posts with that alone.  I'm especially looking forward to Resistance:  Burning Skies as it'll be the first real look into what an FPS on the portable system can be, which might give us an idea for future titles.  (Killzone Vita, Bioshock Vita, Call of Duty Vita, etc.)  I haven't looked into it too much as I hope to buy it on-sight to sort of make up for skipping 3 (which I still regret), though I also hope that in doing so, I don't take anything away from 3.  While I doubt it's a real possibility, it's still one, but it's one that I'll have to deal with.  I really doubt there'll be any way I can buy, play and finish Resistance 3 between now and, uh...a couple weeks from now.  Stranger things have happened, however.  We'll just have to see by the time I have that shiny little blue case in my hands.

It occurs to me now that I spent four paragraphs talking about how I couldn't think to write.  And then the word "paradoxical" comes into my mind and I smile because I don't get to use that word enough.  Here's hoping for less random mumblings next time however.

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