Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What the Balls is This?

Now, I've never claimed any particular affinity for the Final Fantasy games that don't have Tactics in the title and this is a well-documented fact, but it's not that I wish the series ill or anything.  It exists outside of my particular tastes and that's fine, that's totally understandable and acceptable.  I mean, I have partaken in a few entries that I do genuinely enjoy, but overall I don't love the series and that just happens.  But when something really really awkward and strange happens, you have to point it out and say "Wait, no, no."  And this is quite possibly what has happened with Final Fantasy XIII-2.  I mean, not the whole game, but at least this one aspect of it:  The Chocobo theme.

I must first stress this, that this isn't from an official channel and is most likely a fake, but I'll get to why I could be persuaded to think otherwise later.  Regardless, it's made its rounds and I can't find anything else to really talk about but this, so here it is.  The video I'm about to embed is apparently going to be the Chocobo Theme from Final Fantasy XIII-2 and it....just sounds terrible.  I mean, I could forewarn you with everything that it entails, but I figure that just prefacing it with terrible and then letting you experience it yourself is the best course of action here.

Now, the obvious first instinct after listening to that is that it is, in fact, entirely not possible to be a thing what is real.  That's what I thought, but people more well-versed in Final Fantasy matters than I seem to be able to believe it, in fact citing another seemingly out-of-place song as a defense to it being a chance.  Again, will get to that in a moment, but I'm focusing on this.  There is honestly nothing that is not terrible about the Chocobo theme except for the laughs you get at listening to it.  And the fact that it kind of grows on you because of that.  I've been listening to it as I write this so my opinion is, well, fresh, and I started off being nearly offended by it and now I can't help but laugh at everytime he yells "Do you think you can ride this chocobo?!"  I don't know, this might be one of those times where my opinion sways directly -as I'm writing about it-, which is a rare event.

Regardless, that being an actual, official song in Final Fantasy 13-2 is an entirely possible reality (which is getting better by the minute for the above-mentioned negative to positive-in-a-bad-way reaction I've had) because, well, who knows anymore?  Final Fantasy 13 was a real departure from a lot of the 'conventions' of a normal Final Fantasy which is why a lot of people were turned off to it, and I can only imagine they're going to continue to press that for 13-2 for the people out there that actually, genuinely enjoyed 13, since they'll obviously be the ones buying this up.  I know that I personally still need to give 13 a good shot before I can comment on it one way or another (despite my whingings about the names which are certifiably dumb.)

The reason why this was presented to me as an absolute possibility is because there is a clear, definite example of an already existing Final Fantasy game getting a song on the soundtrack that is far, far beyond the scope of what you'd expect.  You probably know of it already, but the example is "Otherworld" from Final Fantasy X which has instantly rekindled anything resembling interest I have in FFX (alongside of the PS3/Vita versions).

Sounding like it's straight off of.....well several soundtracks that is not for a Final Fantasy game (and almost along the lines of Rammstein, again told to me before I heard it which I have to agree with), this was apparently undoubtedly in Final Fantasy X even though I don't remember its inclusion.  Supposedly it's more or less "Jecht's Theme" which makes perfect sense for how in-your-face awesome it is.  I don't know if it's 'okay' to like this song or not, unironically, but I do, since I do enjoy me some rock and Rammstein.  Regardless, the point is that it is fairly atypical for a FF soundtrack as is "Crazy Chocobo".  This might not be an entirely bad thing, all things considered, but it's certainly a thing worth mentioning and talking about.

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