Thursday, December 15, 2011

Alan Wake to be Released on Something Else I Don't Have

Specifically PC.  Which, I mean, I -technically- have that, but I'm sure I don't have to reiterate my pitiable situation with that once more, and I don't intend to.  Still, this is kind of a big thing to mention since when the 360 version was released, Remedy Microsoft more or less said 'not gonna happen', citing mood-related reasons (which must have just....resolved themselves in these two years it seems) that the PC doesn't offer where a Console could.  -A- console, not consoles, plural, with an S.  But either with Microsoft's schizophrenic approach to 'focusing' on PC games, or with Remedy wanting to actually make money, Alan Wake is traveling to less intimate locales with a little extra in tow.

The PC version will apparently come bundled with the two Expansions that the 360 received, which is certainly a nice gesture at least, for people who'll be able to enjoy it.  I certainly don't forget it being one of the two games that weren't my games of 2010 because of the 360 exclusivity tied to it, both of which being perfectly good reasons to get a 360 down the line for me, even though I'll need quite a few more reasons of that sort before I can even consider it.  What with the Vita coming out and all, I won't exactly have the pocket change to toss around for yet another console for quite a while.  Still, I say 'down the line' because there is always that point eventually that you can envision yourself getting just about anything.  I guess by the time getting a 360 would come up would be when the new console's been out for a while so I might even just get that, provided the B/C is better than the 360->XBox type.  (Or the PS3->PS2.)

In all honesty, I don't remember a whole lot of Alan Wake from what I saw of Kaseius livestreaming it, but I do remember that my overall impression of it was positive.  It looks really nice and has a wonderful lighting engine (which is almost a necessity, given its focus on light and all) that really impressed me at times, and I can't really remember anything stand-out that turned me off to it other than the fact that I couldn't play it.  If you need a specific reason to play the game if you've been holding out for a PC release (or find that it's the only outlet you could have), you could always take the opinion on someone better versed in the game than I, of course.  I guess now all the information that's necessary for one to weigh their purchasing decision for the PC version is the release date and the price; the latter of which could be crucial.  Let's hope they don't price themselves out of 'reasonable' when considering that they're selling a two-year old game.  A two-year old game with two pieces of DLC for free, yes, but a two-year old game nonetheless.

That's.....about it, I guess.  I really just wanted to make a post about Alan Wake getting a PC release because I -have- been interested in it since it came out, and this is actually good news, despite my constant whingings that this still leaves it just beyond my grasp.  One day, though.  One day.


  1. I wouldn't say Alan Wake is worth owning a 360 for, but if you're going to own a 360 it's definitely worth having Alan Wake.

    For me, the 360 exists for the purpose of like, five games:

    Alan Wake
    Gears of War
    Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

  2. Fair enough. I more or less mean the same thing; getting a 360 or the next thing is probably inevitable unless there's a crapload of stupidity involved, which I honestly don't expect. So I have been keeping a short-list and Alan Wake is on it. (As well as Deadly Premonition since we're never getting the PS3 version, Tales of Vesperia because we're never getting the PS3 version, among other things.)