Friday, December 9, 2011

The Last of Us - What the Hell Is It?

The short answer is:  I don't have a damn clue.  The long answer is:  It's a new IP being announced tomorrow at the Spike VGAs alongside a lot of other stuff that is similarly interesting as well as confounding.  There's not a whole lot of information about, so much as a smattering of things here and there, all of them leading to roughly the same conclusion.  It's a good bet that the new IP in question here is going to hop in with the trend set by games such as I Am Alive and possibly even Dead Island, depending on how it all works out, by putting out a facade of the apocalypse at first.  Art pieces and the trailer that's been out for a few days suggest a virus outbreak has caused pandemonium on a grand scale, where other sources indicate it's a sort of fungus that could possibly lead to something far worse.  This is evidenced by the video on the the Official Site that is opposite the trailer that features an ant doing what can only, tastefully be called 'losing its shit'.  The footage is apparently from a documentary about a fungus that takes over a body and kills it to grow out of its corpse, which is just lovely sounding.

Now, if the above hasn't gotten your interest, there are a few other pieces of information out about it, mostly in the form of lack of information, that can get your attention, likely.  Firstly being the fact that the information we have so far is precisely all there is.  To my knowledge, there's no inside info, no leaks, no information being gleamed from the official site using all sorts of technical wizardry or anything of the sort.  For once, a game is going to be announced and people likely won't know about it beforehand.  Unless it's somehow 'Title Fight' which I have to say is very unlikely, barring some real metaphorical shit going down.  There's a chance for a last minute leak, ala 360 slim, but even in that case, it's at least impressive that something that is apparently this big has gone this far without being known to the internet at large.

The above information leads to the obvious conclusion that no developer has been really announced as attached to the project.  Obviously somebody's been working on it, but we don't know who, clearly, though there are a few guesses.  Here's where it really gets interesting however, as the above screenshot, seemingly directly connected to The Last of Us, was taken from Uncharted 3.  That's right.  Go into Uncharted 3 at the bar in the beginning and look around for that newspaper; you will find it most likely.  I haven't confirmed for myself, but it's been documented already if you similarly don't want to go looking for it.  It's hard to tell if that was there in the beginning or if it was added in the aiming patch (if such a thing is even possible), but it's highly suspect that it's completely unrelated.  Of course that doesn't mean Naughty Dog is working on this, whatever it is, nor does it mean any other number of other things, but I would certainly suggest that it's at least likely that this game is being made by a First (or Second) party studio which implies its own set of things on its own.

I know I'm just buying into it exactly as intended but I can't help but be pretty excited for this, if just for the mystique surrounding it.  It could be any number of things and even if it ends up looking like something else out there already, the idea that it could be a First or Second Party effort for Sony leads me to think the level of quality and polish will be enough to make it stand out.  Of course, I could be completely wrong about this, but I'm already impressed as I stated, so I'll have to stay tuned to whatever it ends up being.  Hopefully tomorrow we'll have the information we need and the information we want so we might begin to hype properly, but we won't know til the VGAs have come and gone.  Why is there always a reason to watch that abomination every year?

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