Thursday, November 14, 2013

I Am Beat

As I write this, that Spike TV Playstation 4 event is going on and I'm just not even paying attention because I'm going to play catch-up afterward.  Really, I'd much prefer to sit here, chat with a few people, play a little of this and that and just unwind because I am just worn down from today.  In that "every part of my body is sore, why is this happening" sort of way that I hope none of you are familiar with, though I suspect at least a few of you are.  I do confess that I also wish I had a PS4 to play around with right now as some do, but I don't need one yet outside of the "but it's newwwwwww and awesoooooome" need, and I have about 24 PS3 games that I need to play through which is simply not going to happen, unfortunately.  Not soon enough, rather, as I'm not planning on migrating to a PS4 completely, even when I obtain one in (hopefully) January.  I'm not convinced I'll be able to say no to one if I see one in the wild, however....

For all those reasons above, I'm more or less taking the night off.  I don't need to - I have about six posts that I've started and simply not finished, which explains some of the holes in updates lately - but my body and my mind simply will not allow me to do anything other than recuperate.  Hopefully this event that's going on will give enough bits of news -and- information that I can expound on in a few posts to help me catch up on my count.  It's silly to worry about, but last year's number was awful and I'd like to at least make this year's bigger even if I'm not going to hit my first year again.  One of these years, I suppose.  Until then, enjoy the PS4-related goodness!

okay, so Uncharted 4 was announced, there, I said news

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