Thursday, November 21, 2013

All Sorts of Excited for Tearaway

How long have I been waiting for Tearaway?  Well, only since August of 2012 when it was announced with a reveal trailer that I saw and could only wonder at just how magical and charming it looked.  And here on the night before the game comes out, I can only think about how true that still rings, and just how desperately I need that right now.  Not only in a general sense, because whimsy and magic is always appreciated and I -can- get that from LittleBigPlanet Vita and I intend to again someday, I'm just worried about my save file getting corrupt.  Again.  But also in the specific sense in that this week has been absolutely trying and miserable on all counts and all I want to do is play something that makes me genuinely smile and feel a little flutter in my heart.  Tearaway seems like it's the perfect game to do just that.

What's especially lucky about the situation is that I seem well within my rights to be excited for the game, as it's receiving very positive reviews across the board for the most part - with only Game Revolution, "Hardcore Gamer Magazine" whatever that is, and Joystiq (who can safely be ignored) giving the game reviews I could call 'tepid', with Joystiq's at the lowest at 3 out of 5 stars or a 60 out of 100.  As we know, however, 60 or 6 for short-hand -is- one of the forbidden numbers as it's not 10, so when a game gets something that is not a 10, people assume bad things.  However, on a proper scale, 6 out of 10 is still good!  It means above average.  If we could trust Joystiq to be a proper review-site, then it would still be okay!  But we don't, so the whole thing is moot; the other two 'middling' reviews were solid 70s or 7s which is acceptable even for those of you who believe 8 is the lowest number acceptable for a score.

While it's a shame that the game just so happened to come out on the exact same day as The Legend of Zelda:  A Link Between Worlds and a little niche product called the XBox One, I still have a feeling that it's going to grow a pair of legs for itself.  I know I'll likely be singing its praises from the highest mountaintops, and I won't be the only one to do so.  With the PS4 out and making the Vita all that more tempting to pick up with Remote Play, since it apparently works fantastically, it's almost a no-brainer to pick one up and a game that everyone says is great.  In the case of the Vita, there are actually quite a few titles that can claim that honor - Persona 4 Golden, Gravity Rush and Muramasa Rebirth among them - which might surprise a few people.  Still, adding one more title to that pile helps, and I'm certainly glad that Media Molecule looks to have another critical hit on their hands.  They certainly deserve it.

it's going to be so much fuuuuuun you guys

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